Angela Dixon

Assistant Professor

Clapp Hall 403

Dr. Dixon leads a multidisciplinary research program that employs an arsenal of diverse tools to model neurological diseases, replicate nervous system architecture and organization, and create health-monitoring sensors inspired by central and peripheral nervous system physiology. The lab seeks to answer basic research questions by using unique assays to understand key components underlying nervous system functions and the related animal behaviors. A major lab goal is to optimize performance and expand research utility of biohybrid systems that are comprised of nervous system cells and tissues, from both vertebrate and invertebrate organisms, coupled to perfusion and electronic components. Ongoing research efforts involve the use of insect and mammalian models to examine neurodegeneration and develop complex nerve pathway and olfaction-based biohybrid systems to assess human health conditions.

The highly interdisciplinary research group is seeking talented undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers with varied expertise in biology, engineering, and other relevant areas.