Idit Zehavi


Rockefeller Building, Room 212

Idit Zehavi is a professor in Physics and a member of the Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics at Case Western Reserve University. Zehavi received a Ph.D. in Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and held research positions at Fermilab, University of Chicago and the University of Arizona, before coming to CWRU in 2006.

Her research interests include cosmology and the large-scale structure of the universe, galaxy formation and evolution, and cosmic flows. She is an astrophysicist working at the interface of theory and observations, performing studies using large surveys of galaxies as well as numerical simulations. She has been extensively involved with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, an ambitious survey mapping a quarter of the sky, and is a member of upcoming surveys Taipan and LSST. In particular, she is focused on studying the clustering properties of galaxies and the detailed relation between galaxies and dark matter halos.

A full publication list can be found here.
Selected Publications:

Zehavi, Contreras, Padilla, et al., The Impact of Assembly Bias on the Galaxy Content of Dark Matter Halos, Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), 853, 84 (2018)

Contreras, Zehavi, Baugh, et al., The Evolution of the Galaxy Content of Dark Matter Haloes, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS), 465, 2833 (2017)

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Guo, Zehavi, Zheng, et al., The Clustering of Galaxies in SDSS-III BOSS: Luminosity and Color Dependence and Redshift Evolution, ApJ, 767, 122 (2013)

Guo, Zehavi & Zheng, A New Method to Correct for Fiber Collisions in Galaxy Two-Point Statistics, ApJ, 756, 127 (2012)

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Zehavi, Zheng, Weinberg, et al., Galaxy Clustering in the Completed SDSS Redshift Survey, ApJ, 736, 59 (2011)

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Zehavi & Dekel, Evidence for a Positive Cosmological Constant from Flow of Galaxies and Distant Supernovae, Nature, 401, 252 (1999)