Kathleen Hershberger



Millis 503

Other Information

Degree: PhD


Dr. Kathleen Hershberger joined The Department of Biology as a full-time Instructor in 2023. Most recently, Dr. Hershberger was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Grinnell College where she taught Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Introduction to Biological Inquiry. Dr. Hershberger is passionate about creating an inclusive classroom community and employing highly effective teaching methodologies. She is especially invested in incorporating authentic research experiences into her courses.

Dr. Hershberger earned her B.S. in biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University and her Ph.D. from Duke University in pharmacology. Her graduate work focused on understanding the role of enzymatic protein desuccinylation in regulating cardiac function and metabolism using mouse model of cardiac hypertrophy. As a postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Hershberger studied the long-term and transgenerational effects of early-life exposure to arsenic using C. elegans as a model. Her current research interests include understanding how genetic and environmental factors influence mitochondrial and whole animal health.