Katia Almeida-Tracy

Senior Instructor


Mather Memorial Building Room 203

Dr. Katia Almeida has been an integral part of our adjunct faculty for 10 years. She has created and taught undergraduate and graduate level courses within the fields of cultural anthropology, globalization and socio-economic development, cultures of Latin America and Brazil, and community health. She has been nominated on multiple occasions for excellence in undergraduate mentoring and teaching.

Dr. Almeida is originally from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) where she earned her B.A. in Social Sciences, M.A. in History, and Ph.D. in Anthropology. Her doctoral dissertation centered on the Shipibo material culture and ethno-esthetics, in connection to gender, religion, and socio-economic transformations experienced by this indigenous population of the Peruvian Amazon.

Dr. Almeida has also collaborated in a comparative and interdisciplinary study on the impact of new communicational technologies on contemporary youth cultures. Her current research interest is centered on the effects of globalization and electronic technologies on higher education.