Megan Swihart Jewell

Senior Instructor

Guilford House 314

Other Information

Degree: PhD, Duquesne University

Specialty: Regular Faculty

Megan Jewell is English Faculty, and a Core Teaching and Research Faculty Member in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. She has her PhD in Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Twentieth-Century American Poetics from Duquesne University.

Dr. Jewell researches and teaches twentieth- and twenty-first century American and British poetry. Combining her scholarship on poetics with a longstanding interest in writing studies, Dr. Jewell’s current work focuses on women poets of the Language Poetry school and their innovative engagement with the writing process. In articles and book chapters, she has explored poet Susan Howe’s revisions of the practice of bibliography and the history behind Kathleen Fraser’s development of her poetic voice and subsequent establishment of HOW(ever), the first journal dedicated solely to publishing women’s post-1950’s experimental poetry. She has presented her work at national and international conferences, with the most recently-accepted paper focusing on women’s poetry and social media (#Instapoetics) at the University of Glasgow.

Building upon her scholarship of the politics of literary forms, Dr. Jewell’s teaching is also guided by the feminist conviction that the personal is political, an inherently interdisciplinary approach attending to a range of historical and current texts. Courses to date have focused on topics such as American working-class literature, Language and Language-oriented poetry, feminist poetics, and Rust Belt masculinity.

Upcoming Courses, Fall 2021:

ENGL 257b:  Poetry

ENGL 373/473: American Women Poets, 1650 to 2021

Selected Publications:

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