Sarah Hope Lincoln

Assistant Professor | Social Dysfunction

Mather Memorial Building 140

Other Information

Degree: Ph.D.

Specialty: Psychology

Research Interests

Our laboratory focuses on individual differences in social functioning and social experiences that increase risk for psychiatric disorders. Integrating research in psychopathology and social neuroscience, our lab will investigate the development of social dysfunction in individuals with and at risk for psychiatric disorders, with a particular focus on psychotic disorders.  Additionally, we are interested in better understanding social processes in nonclinical populations to test models of the neurodevelopment of social dysfunction. We are especially interested in assessing models of social dysfunction as they relate to early identification of emerging psychiatric disorders, particularly in young adults, as well as how evidence-based treatments effectively treat social dysfunction.

Current Projects

Social Perception Study – This study examines how differences in auditory perception may be associated with social functioning and psychiatric symptoms related to distorted perceptual experiences.

am planning to accept a new graduate student during the upcoming academic year