Students interested in doing a film capstone can register for ENGL 368C, the capstone section of the Topics in Film course. This section is typically offered in the spring semester. In this course, students will work on a research project related to the particular topic of the course that semester (Science Fiction, Hitchcock, Film History, and so on).

Contact Robert Spadoni if you would like to learn more about the film capstone option or discuss registering for an upcoming capstone section.


Prerequisites for the ENGL 368C—Topics in Film Capstone

In addition to any other prerequisites that may apply (speak with your advisor if you’re unsure), students eligible to register for the ENGL 368C—Topics in Film Capstone will have

  1. a) declared an English major with a concentration in film; or b) declared both an English major and a film minor (and have completed at least three courses successfully toward the minor); or c) received official notification of approval for a self-designed film major
  2. successfully completed ENGL 367—Introduction to Film
  3. in the cases of 1-a and 1-b above, successfully completed ENGL 380—Departmental Seminar. Note: Students may not take 380 concurrently with a film capstone course.
  4. met with Robert Spadoni and registered for ENGL 368C by the last day of classes in the semester preceding the semester in which the capstone is being offered.

Students who do not meet these requirements will not be permitted to register for the ENGL 368C—Topics in Film Capstone.