Edith Gaffney

Department Assistant


Rockefeller Building, Room 226

Edith “Betty” Gaffney has worked in the Physics Department since 2006.  Seven of those years have been as a Department Assistant, III.  This work involves assisting the co-chairs and business manager with oversight in almost all department matters.  Betty is the Ph.D. program coordinator, working closely with the program director, sorting applications, compiling supplemental materials and responding to applicant questions.  She is also the graduate student coordinator, handling all financial aspects of each student and ensuring that each student is kept abreast of steps and procedures leading to graduation.   Betty is the main events coordinator in the department which includes organizing recruiting events, PAC annual trips, workshops and conferences such as the International Workshop on Baryon & Lepton Number Violation (2017BLV), the 24th International Symposium on Particle, Strings and Cosmology (PASCOS) and the Standard Model at 50 Years symposium in 2018.  This year she will be assisting with the newly instituted Michelson-Morley School on Particle Physics and Cosmology in 2020.