The mission of the CWRU educator preparation unit is to prepare Proactive Scholar-Practitioners who demonstrate skill in instructional planning, delivery, and assessment – and dispositions consistent with the principles of commitment, collaboration, and creativity.

Teacher Education at Case Western Reserve University is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences, which is the academic home of the departments and programs that prepare CWRU students to become teachers.

Implementing a curriculum that reflects current knowledge, research and evidence-based recommendations for teacher prearation is at the core of CWRU’s Teacher Education programs.   Central to this knowledge base are the national standards  for teacher education developed by the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC).  These national standards, which integrate Ohio’s Standards for the Teaching Profession, form the foundation of our programs and are threaded throughout courses and field experiences. Our programs’ outcomes are based on these national InTASC standards:

  1. Learner Development
  2. Learning Differences
  3. Learning Environments
  4. Content Knowledge
  5. Innovative Applications of Content
  6. Assessment
  7. Planning for Instruction
  8. Instructional Strategies
  9. Reflection and Continuous Growth
  10. Collaboration

Case Western Reserve University draws upon the strengths of its academic departments, its community partnerships and its commitment to forward thinking to offer exceptional teacher preparation programs.  These programs are kept intentially small to permit extensive one-on-one work with faculty and supervisors and to provide the personal coaching required to adequately prepare teachers for today’s classrooms.  CWRU offers the following programs that lead to an Ohio teaching license:

High School License – grades 7-12:   Integrated Language Arts (English major), Integrated Mathematics  (mathematics major), Integrated Social Studies (history major), Life Science (biology major), Physical Sciences (chemistry or physics major).

Multi-Age License – grades preK-12:  Art, Music, French, Latin, Spanish

The undergraduate high school and world language programs are conducted in cooperation with area high schools.  Our programs in art and music education, which include graduate and undergraduate degrees, are offered in cooperation with two prestigious University Circle institutions- the Cleveland Institute of Art, and the Cleveland Institute of Music .

Teacher Education programs at Case Western Reserve University lead to teaching licenses and are approved by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Higher Education. The Teacher Education Unit at CWRU is nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) which is part of the national Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation(CAEP). In addition, National Association of Schools of Music(NASM) accredits the music education program.

Completion of a Case Western Reserve University program in education does not ensure that an Ohio teaching license will be awarded. The Ohio Department of Education also requires that licensure candidates achieve passing scores on the State required tests.  In addition, applicants must pass criminal background checks by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and the FBI.