French: Multi-Age Adolescence to Young Adult Licensure

Overview of the Program:

This program has been designed for students wishing to pursue the teaching of French in grades preK-12.  The CWRU Department of Modern Languages and Literature has designed this program in accordance with Ohio Performance-Based Standards, the Ohio Model Curriculum in Foreign Language, and guidelines set by professional organizations such as ACTFL.

Students participating in the Teacher Education program complete a 45-47 semester hour major in French, including coursework in French language, culture, and literature, and a 36-hour sequence in professional education. Coursework in French begins in the freshman year with a language course appropriate to the student’s proficiency level. It continues until the student has completed a range of upper-level courses and has met the goals of the program.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete some of their coursework in a French-speaking country, and students are assisted in identifying opportunities for study abroad.  Students wishing to study abroad should seek early advisement to be able to complete the French and Education majors within four years.

Professional education courses can begin in the freshman year and culminate with the student teaching semester.

Dr. Christine Cano
Phone: 216-368- 4888


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