Adolescence to Young Adult Licensure Program

Overview of the Program:

The Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Teacher Education program in Integrated Language Arts prepares students to prepare and deliver instruction that encourages critical thinking and problem-solving in the integrated fields comprising language arts disciplines, and adapt such instruction to accommodate the diverse learning characteristics and needs of adolescents and young adults they will teach.

A teaching licensure program is a specialized option for undergraduate students who pursue a major in English integrated with a planned sequence of coursework and practica in professional education.  By declaring and completing a second major in Education, the program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a recommendation for Ohio teacher licensure.

While requirements for the regular English major, together with the University’s General Education Requirements, ensure that graduates will have an integrated foundation in the humanities and social sciences, determination of requirements for teaching licensure under this program has been specifically informed by the Ohio Department of Education Performance-Based Licensure Standards, revised teacher preparation guidelines adopted by the National Council of Teachers of English, and Ohio’s Model Curriculum in Language Arts.

In order to become eligible for AYA integrated language arts teaching licensure, students must complete a planned pattern of English content coursework within the context of a major in English and professional coursework and practicum requirements. In addition to the General Education (Core) requirements, the content component includes 15 semester hours in required courses in reading and writing about literature; and distribution requirements of 18 additional semester hours in writing, language study, and media studies.

The structure of the program, personalized advisement of individual students, and consistent emphasis on writing and reading many kinds of texts prepare licensure candidates to integrate instruction of adolescents and young adults in the language arts disciplines in accordance with learned society guidelines and Ohio performance standards.

Dr.Kurt Koenigsberger
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