Integrated Social Studies: Adolescence to Young Adult Licensure Program

Overview of the Program:

The Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Teacher Education program in Integrated Social Studies, for students majoring in history, has been designed in accordance with Ohio Department of Education Performance-Based Licensure Standards, revised teacher preparation guidelines adopted by the National Council for Social Studies, and Ohio’s Model Competency-Based Program in Social Studies.

To become eligible for an Ohio teaching license, students must complete a planned pattern of content coursework within the context of a major in history, as well as professional coursework and practicum requirements. In addition to the General Education (core) requirement, the content component includes 9 semester hours (three courses) required of all candidates, a minimum of 9 semester hours in U.S. history and a minimum of 6 hours (two courses) in each focus areas: World/European Studies, and Asian, African, Latin American Studies.  Students seeking licensure must also declare a second major in Education which provides the professional education courses and teaching practica.

Course offerings reflect the interdisciplinary scholarship of faculty, which represents specialized expertise in historiography and other social science research methodology, government and social policy, economic history, history of medicine, environmental history, history of science and technology, and African and African-American, Asian, and Latin American studies, as well as gender studies, among other specializations. Content preparation must encompass all social studies disciplines, including economics, political science, and sociology.

Requirements for the 36 semester hours professional education sequence ensure that graduates will be well-prepared to design learning environments and to prepare and deliver instruction in integrated social studies that is informed by knowledge of learning and development in adolescence and young adulthood.

Renee Sentilles


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