Chemistry: Single-Field Adolescence to Young Adult

Overview of Program:

Students majoring in Chemistry who wish to teach chemistry, but not physics, at the high school level may choose to obtain licensure in AYA Chemistry, rather than AYA Physical Science (Dual-Field: Chemistry and Physics.)  This program prepares students to design and deliver instruction that encourages critical thinking, conceptual understanding and problem-solving in chemistry for the high school students they will teach.

Students who choose this option pursue the B.A. program in Chemistry. This alternative, which requires 46-48 hours in the content area (subject area: 30-32 in chemistry and 16 in other math and science courses), entails fewer required hours in physics than the Dual-Field option.    To fulfill the licensure requirements, students declare a second major in Education which requires 36 hours of professional education course work.  Completion of both majors leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry and recommendation for Ohio teacher licensure.

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Course Requirements