Chemistry: Single-Field Adolescence & Young Adult


  • Baccalaureate program
  • Academic Year based on Semesters


Case Western Reserve University

Drew Meyer
Phone: 216.368.2994
Fax: 216.368.3006

Total Hours Required in Program:
36 Professional Education
40 credits Subject Area


Required Coursework:

Prefix Num Title Credits Content Area Elective
The Sun and its Planets
Principles of Biology
The Earth and the Planets
3 Overview of solar system. Unity of life at the cellular level.
Origin and nature of earth
CHEM 105 Principles of Chemistry I 3 General/inorganic chem.
CHEM 106 Principles of Chemistry II 3 General/inorganic chem.
CHEM 113 Principles of Chemistry Lab 2 General/inorganic chem.
PHYS* 115 or 121 Introductory Physics I or
General Physics I – Mechanics
4 Mechanics, thermo, waves.
PHYS* 116 or 122 Introductory Physics II or General Physics II 4 E & M, optics.
MATH* 121 or 125 Calculus for Science and Engineering I or Mathematics I 4 Calculus.
MATH* 122 or 126 Calculus for Science and Engineering II or Mathematics II 4 Calculus.
CHEM * 223 or 323 Introd. Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I
3 Organic Chemistry
CHEM* 224 or 324 Introd. Organic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry II
3 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 233 Introd. Organic Lab I 2 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 234 Introd. Organic Lab II 2 Organic Chemistry
laboratory I and II
CHEM 301 Physical Chemistry I 3 Thermodynamics & applications
CHEM 302 Physical Chemistry II 3 Kinetics, quantum mechanics, & spectroscopy
CHEM 304 Quantitative Analytical Chemistry 4 Quantitative chemical measurements.
CHEM 305 Physical Chemistry Lab. 3 Characterization of chemical systems.
CHEM 311 Inorganic Chemistry 3 Chemistry of non-metals
CHEM 328 Biochemistry 3 Modern biochemistry
CHEM 397 Chemistry Research 3 Research with faculty
*Students with demonstrated advanced aptitude may, upon consultation with their advisor, elect to enroll in the higher numbered MATH, PHYS, or CHEM sequences.