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College of Arts and Sciences Visiting Committee

The CAS Visiting Committee is comprised of many of the College’s most devoted alumni and friends. Its members provide a critical source of support and guidance to the College as we seek to maintain our traditions of excellence and achieve the goals set forth in our strategic plan.

Current Members

Mr. Mark Agrast,  WRC ‘78

Mr. John Bertko, CIT ’71

Mr. Timothy Besse, MGT ‘03

Mr. Dennis Block, ADL ‘69

Mr. Travis Brooks, CAS ‘97

Mr. Michael E. Chesler, WRC ’82

Mr. Wayne L. Clevenger, ADL ’65

Ms. Thalia Dorwick, PhD, FSM ’66, GRS ’73

Ms. Suzette L. Dutch, WRC ’74

Mrs. Ellen Feldman, WRC ‘75

Mr. Edward P. Hemmelgarn, WRC ’76, MGT ’80

Ms. Elizabeth M. Hill, CAS ’97, GRS ’97 (Chair)

Mr. Robert H. Jackson-, LAW ’61

Mr. Creighton Kang, MGT ’94

Mr. Robert David Mann, WRC ’73 

Mr. Alan H. Paley, ADL ’72

Mr. Thomas F. Peterson, Jr., Friend of the college

Ms. Florence KZ Pollack. FSM ’61

Mr. James Shaine Richman, ADL ’72

Mr. Jeffrey E. Saffitz, MD, PhD, GRS ’71 & ’77, MED ’78

Mr. Dennis R. Santoli, ADL ’67

Ms. Linda Sharpe-Taylor, PhD, WRC ’78

Mr. Thomas P. Slavin, Friend of the college

Mrs. Sidonie Ann Smith, PhD, GRS ’71

Mrs. Christina Rose Welter, MPH, DrPH, CAS ‘98

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