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Two ways undergraduates can study film:20feet

The Minor in Film

The English Major with a Concentration in Film


See what some undergraduates who studied film at CWRU have gone on to do.


Recent undergraduate and graduate course offerings include:

Introduction to FilmThe Horror Film, Great Directors, The Hollywood Musical, African Cinema, Literature in Film, History of Cinema, Films of Alfred Hitchcock, Asian Cinema & Drama, American Cinema History and Culture, Images of Women in Films, Introduction to Film Genres, Science Fiction Films, Latin American Cinema, Multimedia Storytelling, Watching Movies, Introductory and Advanced Screenwriting, Dance on Screen, Film Music, Eighteenth-Century Film, Sword and Sandal—The Classics in Film, Storytelling and Cinema, and Representations of Black Religion in Film.

To see what film courses Case Western Reserve faculty might be offering in a current or upcoming semester, check out the English Department course descriptions and the online Student Information System (SIS).


For English Majors pursuing the Honors Track:

ENGL 367—Introduction to Film is an approved substitute for the ENGL 387—Critical Theory requirement. Look for ENGL 367 in the Fall and Spring English Department course offerings and on SIS.


English graduate students can write master’s theses and Ph.D. dissertations that focus on film or include it as part of their designated topic.