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Endowment Gifts

Abbreviation and Symbols Key:

* – Deceased
ADL – Adelbert College
ARC – CWRU School of Architecture
CAS – College of Arts and Sciences
CIT – Case Institute of Technology
CLC – Cleveland College
CSE – Case School of Engineering
DEN – CWRU School of Dental Medicine
FSM – Flora Stone Mather College for Women
GRS – School of Graduate Studies


HON – Honorary Degree
LAW – CWRU School of Law
LYS – CWRU School of Library Sciences
MED – CWRU School of Medicine
MGT – Weatherhead School of Management
NUR – Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
WRC – Western Reserve College
SAS – Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Andrew Family Foundation Endowment Fund
Andrew Family Foundation
Mr. Victor Onufrieff, ADL ‘67, and Ms. Laurel Andrew

Art History Master’s Program Endowment Fund
Virginia, FSM ‘72, and Randall J. Barbato, WRC ‘73, MGT ‘91

W. J. Austin Professorship
Wilbert J. Austin Professorship Trust

William A. Baeslack, III Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Baeslack, III

Gerald and Carol Barnett Endowment Fund
Dr. Gerald W., GRS ‘55, ‘62, and Carol Barnett

Michael and Joan Bernardino Endowment Fund
Dr. Michael, ADL ‘69, and Joan Bernardino, FSM ‘69

Dennis and Madeline Block Endowment Fund in the College of Arts and Sciences
Dennis, ADL ‘69, and Madeline R. Block, FSM ‘71

The Eirik Børve Fund for Foreign Language Instruction

Dorothy Zieburtz Buckhold Endowment Fund
Brenda M. Shank, M.D., Ph.D., FSM ‘61, GRS ‘66

The Margaret D. Callahan Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics
Tim, MGT ‘99, and Nancy Callahan, GRS ‘01
Margaret Callahan, Ph.D., GRS’16

Mary Louise Chalfant Graduate Fellowship
Estate of Mary Louise Chalfant, GRS ‘47

Susie Scott Christopher Endowment Fund
Lucy Anne M. Christopher, FSM ‘67, SAS ‘75

College of Arts and Sciences Endowment Fund
William A. Eddy, ADL ‘70
Jonathan Dannefer Endowment Fund
Professor Dale Dannefer

The Myrtle Warner Darcy and Ethel Warner Rankin Endowment Fund
Lynne Darcy, FSM ‘62

The Edward B. and Eileen K. Davis Scholarship Fund for the College of Arts and Sciences
E and E Davis Foundation
Edward, CLC ’49, and Eileen K. Davis

The Andrew and Francisca P. DeCarlo Scholarship for the Study of Language
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew DeCarlo, GRS ‘69

Douglas K. Detterman Scholarship Fund
Charlotte G. Andrist, Ph.D., GRS ‘87, ‘87, ‘91
Drs. James Hamilton, GRS ‘83, ‘86, and Frances Conners, GRS ‘85, ‘87

Koopman and Eaton Endowment Fund
Mark Eaton and Dorothy Koopman, FSM ‘72
Maple Tree Fund

The Edwards Scholars Endowment Fund
Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation

Flora Stone Mather Alumnae Association Scholarship
Wasima N. Rida, Ph.D., WRC ‘78, GRS ‘80

Flora Stone Mather Class of 1956 Endowment Fund
Elaine Harris Green, FSM ‘56, GRS ‘61

The Malcolm H. Gissen Endowment Fund for Minority Scholars
Malcolm Hadley Gissen, ADL ‘65

The Blanche and Morris Goldstein Endowment Fund
Elliott , ADL ‘61, LAW ‘67, and Nina Goldstein, FSM ‘63, GRS ‘69

Joie A. Gregor Endowment Fund
Joie, GRS ‘74, and John Gregor
Schwab Charitable Fund

Russell A. Griffin Prize Fund
Richard A. Bloom, M.D., WRC ‘74, MED ‘79
Lance Turkish, M.D., ADL ‘70, MED ‘73

The Elinor Halle-Madeline Halle Baker Fund
Mr. Richard H. Bamberger, LAW ‘72

Helen A. Harrison Discretionary Fund in Art History
Ms. Helen A. Harrison, GRS ‘75

Arthur S. Holden, Sr., Endowment Fund
Cleveland Astronomical Society

The Patricia A. Kearney Scholarship Fund
Estate of Patricia A. Kearney, Ph.D., FSM ‘56, GRS ‘64, ‘66

Gilles and Malvina Klopman Endowment Fund
Mario A. De Leon Dimayuga, Ph.D., GRS ’91

The Catherine M. and John J. Kozak Scholarship Fund in Chemistry
John, CIT ’61, and Catherine Kozak

The Mann Child Policy Initiative Fund
Carol E. Mann, FSM ‘71
Robert D. Mann, WRC ‘73

The Alexander P. Lamis Memorial Endowed Professorship in American Politics

L. Phillip & Gene O. Longley Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Baeslack, III

Robert and Jane Mellors Scholarship Fund
Dr. Alice and Jack J. Kozar, III
Elizabeth and Dr. Robert Charles Mellors, Jr.

Modern Languages and Literatures Endowment Fund
Dr. Tom R., ADL ‘58, MED ‘62, and Mrs. Jo Ann Hornsten, GRS ‘63
Katalin A. Volker, Ph.D., GRS ‘70, ‘79

National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant Endowment Fund
Drs. Allan, ADL ‘58, MED ‘62, and Nancy Lerner, FSM ‘61, GRS ‘69, ‘76
Kim Sherwin
Mr. and Mrs. A. Chace Anderson
Patricia M. Ashton, GRS ‘97
Edith F. Hirsch Philanthropic Fund
Edie Blum Hirsch, FSM ‘59
Barbara S. Robinson
Robinson Family Philanthropic Fund

Eric and Jane Nord Endowment for the Baker-Nord Center
Bonnie Merrick Baker, MGT ‘86
Virginia, FSM ‘72, and Randall J. Barbato, WRC ‘73, MGT ‘91
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Barrie
Mr. Matt O’Dwyer and Ms. Sari Feldman
Nina, GRS ‘67, and James D. Gibans
Mrs. John A. Hadden, Jr.
Mrs. Richard Hahn
Joseph and Nancy Keithley
Joseph and Nancy Keithley Foundation
Ursula Korneitchouk
Robert L. MacDougall, M.D., ADL ‘70
Robert P. Madison, F.A.I.A., ARC ‘48, CLGS ‘04
Constantijn Petridis
Ann Kowal Smith, D.M., LAW ‘86, MGT ‘10

Edward J. Olszewski Art History Travel Fund
Dena Marie Woodall, Ph.D., GRS ‘08

The Paul M. Ostergard Endowment Fund
The Mastercard Foundation
Paul M. Ostergard, ADL ‘61

Diane Patterson Memorial Scholarship Fund
John T. Deadwyler
Mrs. Dolores E. Patterson

Physics Endowment
Dr. Robert W. Brown

Raymond and Mary Reisacher Scholarship Fund
Richard and Sally Petro, Ph.D., WRC ‘82, SAS ‘84, ‘90, GRS ‘90

Dr. Hyatt and Clementine F. Reitman Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Cowan

Anne Benak Riant Endowment Fund
Priscilla A. Chandler, FSM ‘62

The James “Great Neck” and Elissa Richman Fund for Popular Music Studies
Richman Family Foundation
James “Great Neck,” ADL ‘72, and Elissa Richman

Roger B. Salomon Dissertation Fellow
Anna M. Cole, Ph.D., GRS ‘81, ‘00
Sidonie Smith, GRS ’71, and Gregory Grieco
Anne M. Wyatt-Brown, Ph.D., GRS ‘72

Lawrence M. Sayre Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry
Mrs. Dorothy Sayre

Schubert Center for Child Development Studies Endowment
The Cleveland Foundation
Lawrence Greksa and Jill Korbin
Mrs. Jill Dixon*
Morris S. Dixon, Jr., M.D.

William F. Sindelar Professorship in Biology

William J. and Lois C. Spaeth Memorial Fund
Lance Turkish, M.D., ADL ‘70, MED ‘73

James Stephen Swinehart Endowment Fund
Mrs. Ann Swinehart

Dr. Carl Ubbelohde Endowed Fund
Henri Pell Junod, Jr., GRS ‘69, ‘70
Dr. Kenneth Ledford and Rev. Susan Holderness
David, GRS ‘88, and Lora Twining

Floyd E. Underwood Scholarship
Estate of Floyd Everett Underwood, ADL ‘53

The Mitzie Levine Verne and Daniel Verne Endowment Fund for Asian Studies
Cynthia Bassett
Michael A. Cristal
Nancy Marcus Grannis
Dr. David Klausner and Ms. Karen Fields
Andrew Rayburn and Heather H. Guess
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas O. Stewart

Elizabeth Walker Scholarship Fund
Hazel Cramer, Ph.D., FSM ‘63

The Eric A. Wang, M.D., & Deborah C. Stone, D.V.M., Endowment Fund

Anthony J. Wasilewski Endowment Fund for Astronomy Student Travel

Alexander Davis Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Estate of Alexander Davis Wilson, ADL ‘72

Carl F. Wittke-J. Bruce Jackson, M.D. Award
Dr. J. Bruce, ADL ’52, and Mrs. Nancy Jackson

Paul D. and Odette V. Wurzburger Endowment Fund
Estate of Paul D. Wurzburger

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