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Current Majors Directory


Area Focus

Topical Focus

Adams, Sarah Latin America Global Environment
Anderson, Sydney Middle East International Security and Diplomacy
Baker, Marta Middle East Global Health
Barrica, Andoni Asia International Security and Diplomacy
Blatt, Noah Latin America Global Business
Cerne-Iannone, Evan Middle East International Security and Diplomacy
Costedio, Kirsten Africa International Development
Darrah, Kelsey Europe Global Arts
DeRenzo, Maria Latin America Global Health
Eid, Waed Middle East Global Business
Gratzl, Zita Latin America International Development
Guo, Jinyu Asia Global Business
Haden, Austin Asia Global Business
Hanna, Liz Middle East International Security and Diplomacy
Harmon, Amelia Asia International Security and Diplomacy
Hu, Jiawei Asia International Development
Hu, Yujie Asia International Security and Diplomacy
Kabins, Liana Latin America International Development
Kan, Thomas Undeclared Undeclared
Kett, Jacqueline Europe Undeclared
Koski, Courtney Europe Global Business
Kozuch,Catherine Latin America Global Environment
Kucuk, Dilara Europe Undeclared
Lee, Yoon Asia International Development
Luo, Emily Asia International Trade and Finance
Magsino, Geneva Latin America International Development
Martinez,Darcy Latin America Undeclared
Mbugua,Aziza Africa International Security and Diplomacy
McCoy, Abby Europe Global Business
Oldenburg, Maria Latin America Global Business
Ondrejko, Eliana Europe Global Business
Quinones, Samantha Latin America International Development
Rajan, Lavanya Europe Global Health
Ridge, Miriam Eurasia Undeclared
Rios, Andres Europe Global Business
Ruderman, Garrett Europe Global Business
Saxton, Colby Asia Global Business
Sklenar, Anna Eurasia International Development
Smith, Taylor Europe Undeclared
Tesfai, Lilly Latin America Global Health
Wang, Zhiqiang Asia International Development
Warshawsky, Sienna Middle East International Security and Diplomacy
Yang, Tian Asia Global Health
Yeranosyan, Elen Eurasia International Development



This list is updated at the end of each semester. If majors see any changes that they would like to have made, please contact

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