International Studies alumni Meredith Stakem ’03 and Davis Wilkinson ’12 speaking at the Career Workshop

Davis Wilkinson ’12 and Meredith Stakem ’03

International Studies alumni Meredith Stakem ’03 and Davis Wilkinson ’12 spoke about their career paths in the fields of international development and international security, respectively, October 13, 2018.  Meredith is Regional Technical Advisor for Health and Nutrition for Catholic Relief Services’ Central Africa Regional Office.  Among other topics, Meredith discussed the utility of foreign language proficiency and the importance of foreign development workers demonstrating locally that they are assets.  Davis, a U.S. Department of Defense software engineer who has been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, discussed the challenges and benefits of overseas postings.  He shared insights into U.S. federal government hiring practices too.

The Program welcomed back additional alumni who provided helpful advice to majors during the hors d’oeuvres hour: Rosalie Candau ’14, Vivian Chen ’16, Dwayne Coleman 16, Devin Cooper ’16, Mitchell Delaney ’11, Victoria Limbeck ’16, and Olivia Ortega ’16.

Thanks to all the alumni for sharing their experiences!

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Featured Speakers:


Meredith Stakem ’03
Regional Technical Advisor for Health and Nutrition
Central Africa Regional Office
Catholic Relief Services
Davis Wilkinson ’12
Software Engineer
Department of Defense
United States Government


Nick Hilgeman ’10
M.B.A. Candidate, University of Michigan
Cybersecurity Strategist, Booz Allen Hamilton
Fulbright Fellow, Egypt
Ashley Choi ’11
Program Coordinator
Asian Services in Action
M.P.H., University of Illinois at Chicago


Jane Kaminski ’09
Embedded Contractor
U.S. Department of State
John Drennan ’12
Research Analyst and Programme Officer
Intl. Institute for Strategic Studies