Celebrating Dr. Kelly McMann’s 11-years of service as International Studies Director and the new director Dr. Damaris Puñales–Alpízar, the International Studies Program is seeking contributions toward student practicum scholarships.  Please consider contributing using this link. 

International Studies majors complete an internship, volunteer experience, research, or a creative endeavor in a foreign country the summer before their senior year.  This practicum allows them to explore a career field and provides them with work experience abroad, as is evident from the testimonial below.  The practicum also distinguishes CWRU’s program from those at other institutions 

Contributions toward the $60,000 cost for 12 scholarships (per year) are greatly appreciated. 

Sophia Taus, Independent Research Project

Position Description: I conducted fieldwork studying Singapore’s urban geography under the guidance of CWRU faculty.

Importance to major and career: This trip allowed me to attach a lived experience to my major’s regional and topical concentration, while also helping me determine if I want to work in academia. 

Best part of the experience: Visiting the public housing and food centres of Singapore. 




Liana Kabins ’18, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Liana Kabins, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Position Description: I worked as a caseworker for the registration unit. On a daily basis, I conducted initial interviews for asylum seekers who came to the office.

Importance to major and career: Having the opportunity to intern with the United Nations was incredibly important since I aspire to work for the organization in the future.

Best part of the experience: I learned about the different backgrounds of refugees from all over the world and heard their stories.