The steering committee’s responsibilities include advising the program director, participating in annual reviews of the program, and serving as a resource for majors who share their interests.  The steering committee meets approximately once each semester, and members are invited to program events.  The steering committee is composed of a total of six faculty members and the director. Individuals eligible to serve on the committee include faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences and Department of Economics, who have teaching and research interests that focus on a particular region of the world (sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa) or that are transregional in nature.

Current Members

Gilbert Doho (until 2019)

Brian Gran (until 2019)

Vanessa Hildebrand (until 2020)

Elliot Posner (until 2020)

Damaris Punales-Alpizar (until 2021)

Jonathan Tan (until 2021)

Past Members

John Flores