Current majors in the International Studies program are invited to apply to join the Sigma Iota Rho International Honor Society for International Studies. Upon induction into the Society, members gain access to Sigma Iota Rho’s internship database and LinkedIn page, special funding opportunities, a chance to be published in the Journal of International Relations, and graduation regalia including a stole, honor cord and pin. Through Sigma Iota Rho, we hope to build a stronger International Studies major community at CWRU.

If you are interested in applying to join, please contact International Studies major and chapter President Sophia Peterson ( for further information.

Current Officers

President Sophia Peterson (’24)
Vice President Julia Van Oordt (’24)
Secretary/Treasurer Thendral Veerasekar (’23)
Adjunct Liaison Kintan Silvany (’25)
Adjunct Liaison Helen Trujillo (’25)

Past Officers


President Karuna Lakhiani (’23)
Vice-President Shanice Gitau (’23)
Secretary Joey Gonzalez (’23)
Treasurer Dane Mizuno (’23)
Adjunct Liaison Sophia Peterson (’24)


President Kasey Pukys (’22)
Vice-President Serene Pierce (’22)
Secretary and Treasurer Lelia Durand (’22)
Adjunct Liaison Karuna Lakhiani (’23)


President Kimberly Osbern (’21)
Vice-President Hanna Paris (’21)
Secretary and Treasurer Kayley Carter (’21)
Adjunct Liaison Kasey Pukys (’22)


President Colby Saxton (’20)
Vice-President Andoni Barrica (’20)
Treasurer Liz Hanna (’20)
Secretary Aubri Swank (’20)


President Sydney Anderson (’19)
Vice-President Eliana Ondrejko (’19)
Treasurer Liz Hanna (’20)
Secretary Andoni Barrica (’20)
Public Relations Chair Colby Saxton (’20)

2017-2018, Sigma Iota Rho Founders

Sydney Anderson
Amelia Harmon
Maria Oldenburg

2016-2017, International Studies Student Group Founders

Co-President Andrea Lau
Co-President Ryan Rego
Treasurer Dwayne Coleman
Four young ladies on a bench

2021-2022 SIR Officers (left to right) Serene Pierce, Karuna Lakhiani, Kasey Pukys, Lelia Durand

2018-2019 SIR Officers (front) Andoni Barrica, Liz Hanna, Colby Saxton, (back) Sydney Anderson, Eliana Ondrejko