Rabat, Morocco, Sammy Quinones ’18

International Studies majors complete four foundational courses and area, topical, and elective coursesArea, topical, and electives courses are based in departments and programs throughout the university.  The International Studies program offers its own independent study and senior project courses.


INTL 396. International Independent Study (1- 3)

Students work individually with a faculty project advisor to study a topic within the scope of International Studies. Students should identify their faculty project advisors and topics no later than the semester before they intend to complete INTL 396. Students must complete a prospectus by the second week of the semester they are enrolled in the course. The course is open to juniors and seniors majoring in International Studies. The prospectus form must be completed before registering for this course. The form can be downloaded here.


INTL 399. International Studies Colloquium (3)

Students analyze topics relevant to the foreign geographic area and broad theme they have chosen for their major foci. To do so, they draw on their international experience, knowledge acquired through a foreign language, and prior coursework for the major. Students share their conclusions in the seminar itself and in a public presentation. This course meets the requirements of a SAGES capstone. Preparation for this course should begin once the major is declared.  Guidelines can be viewed here.