INTL 399 is composed of two components 1) an internship, volunteer work, research, or performing arts experience, ideally overseas the summer before senior fall and 2) a senior fall course where students each analyze a topic relevant to the foreign geographic areas and broad themes they have chosen for their major foci.  To do so, each draws on his or her foreign experience abroad and materials from prior coursework for the major. Students share their conclusions in written form and a public presentation.

Students are advised to begin preparing for INTL 399, according to the guidelines below, once they have declared the major.

1) Create a Google Drive folder and a box/shelf for course syllabi, handouts, readings, and notes from all courses used toward the INTL major.

2) Keep a journal when in a foreign country and when working or volunteering in the U.S. on a foreign-related project.

3) Keep a list of topics, questions, and puzzles that interest you.

4) Attend the preparation meeting your sophomore year.  You will receive an invitation by email.

5) Plan a foreign experience. The preferred experience is an internship, volunteer work, research, or a performing arts endeavor for three or more weeks in a foreign country the summer before senior year.  (Students should contact the International Studies director if this will not be possible for health or family reasons.)

The summer before your junior year draft a list of opportunities, identify grants, review how to apply for a grant, add grant preparation dates to your calendar, polish your resume, and draft cover letter templates.

The following resources at CWRU can help you identify opportunities in foreign countries and/or funding for those opportunities.  Majors are also encouraged to check web sites of organizations working in their areas of interests.  Note that some summer funding deadlines can be as early as November.

Finding a Practicum

Sources of Practicum Funding

How to Apply for a Grant or Fellowship

Past INTL 399 Practicums

INTL 399 Preparation Meeting 2017