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Women's and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies

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Women's and Gender Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students to think critically and creatively by employing gender as a primary category of analysis. The program is set up to examine a variety of issues of specific interest to women and of general interest to scholars of gender studies across a variety of diverse cultural and historical settings.


Spring Courses for 2015

WGST 201 – Introduction to Gender Studies MoWe 3:00PM – 4:15PM Margaretmary Daley

WGST 228 – Sociology of Sexuality TuTh 4:30PM – 5:45PM Staff

WGST 268 – Women in the Bible: Ethnographic Approaches to Rite and Ritual, Story, Song, and Art TuTh 1:15PM – 2:30PM Judith Neulander

WGST 337 – Women in the Arab World TuTh 2:45PM – 4:00PM Cheryl Toman

WGST 349 – The Arab World Experience TBA Cheryl Toman

WGST 354 – Women in American History II TuTh 10:00AM – 11:15AM Renee Sentilles

WGST 370 – Women in Organizations Th 4:15PM – 6:45PM Susan Case

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