The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers a major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The program offers a sound course of study, with a disciplinary concentration grounding the interdisciplinary program objective. Up to six hours credit in required or elective courses for the first major may be applied to the Women’s and Gender Studies major with the exception of the two Women’s and Gender Studies core classes.

Major required core courses: 6 hours

In the two required courses, students become fluent in current tools of research and interpretation employed in Women’s Studies.

Required of all students:

  • WGST 201 Intro to Gender Studies (cross-listed as HSTY/ENGL/PHIL/RLGN 270)
  • One course selected from the following five:
    • ANTH/WGST 365- Seminar in Women & Gender Studies
    • WGST/ETHS 301- Women, Creativity and the Arts
    • SOCI/WGST 326- Gender, Inequality, and Globalization
    • HSTY/WGST 318- History of Black Women in the U.S.
    • HSTY/WGST 353- Women in American History I or HSTY/WGST 354- Women in American History II

Major elective courses: 24 hours in approved Women’s and Gender Studies courses

Major Distribution Requirements: WGST majors must distribute their courses between the Arts, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences. Each of the three areas must have at least one course; two of the three areas must also have a second course. Please bring all questions on curriculum to the program advisor.


The program in Women’s and Gender Studies also offers an undergraduate minor. Fulfillment of the minor requires completion of eighteen credit hours according to the following course distribution:

  • Introduction to Gender Studies (offered every spring semester)
  • Five cross-listed courses (see available courses)