Mary Grimm, Associate Professor Department of English, (CAS)

Fiction writer with some works focusing on women’s issues.

Elizabeth S. Meckes, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics (CAS)

Specializes in random matrix theory and high-dimensional phenomena, outreach aimed at girls and young women interested in math.

Visiting Researcher Meng “Sunnie” Zhang 2018-19

Meng “Sunnie” Zhang

Assistant professor in the General Education Department, Beijing Union University

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program welcomes Professor Meng “Sunnie” Zhang to CWRU as a resident researcher. Professor Zhang received a grant from her home institution to conduct research in WGST at CWRU during a six-month stay with us.

“Gender inequality had been deeply embedded in Chinese feudal society and still matters today for issues of social justice, life style, social status and gender roles of modern Chinese women in all its dimensions. I am specifically interested in exploring how gender shapes women’s identities and our social interactions in global contexts. I also do research on women and legal issues, women in cross-cultural communication, language and gender, and women’s identity in China and the US.”