What is Women’s and Gender Studies?

Women’s & Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students to think critically and creatively by employing gender as a primary category of analysis. The program is set up to examine a variety of issues of specific interest to women and of general interest to scholars of gender studies across a variety of diverse cultural and historical settings.

Why Take Women’s and Gender Studies Courses?

To begin, it is fascinating to learn about a generation of research that has shown gender is fundamental to our understanding of culture, politics, economics, art, and literature.

In addition, the experiences and contributions of women often get insufficient acknowledgement in more traditional courses. The Women’s & Gender Studies Program is designed to address this problem since many of the most exciting developments in the arts and sciences (e.g., social and cultural theory, medicine, historical method, law, literary criticism, and philosophy) are being advanced within a feminist framework.


Description of the Program

The goal of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program is to educate students in interdisciplinary approaches to feminist theories of women, gender, culture, and society. Students are exposed to a variety of forms of critical thinking in relation to:

  1. the social construction of knowledge and philosophy;
  2. approaches to science and medicine informed by “feminist empiricism” and “feminist standpoint” theories;
  3. historicized and cross-cultural accounts of gender and gender inequality;
  4. literary criticism;
  5. contemporary theories of art, performance, language, jurisprudence, psychology and religion in the context of women’s experience;
  6. studies of the body as a focal point for theorizing relations among the arts and sciences.