In conjunction with the university, the college conducted an extensive strategic planning process to articulate a new vision for the college and define priorities and strategic goals during the 2013-14 academic year. Our vision is based on our ambitions for the college over the next 10 years (by 2024). Our strategic plan is focused on the key priorities and achievement of goals by 2019. We will rely upon the service and leadership our faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as university and external partners, to implement our plan and achieve our goals.


Our Priorities

In the next five years, the College of Arts and Sciences will:

  • Develop, grow, sustain, and evaluate new and ongoing strategic initiatives that serve college and university missions and advance the college’s vision.
  • Teach, create, conduct research, and serve the college and university in spaces that support and enhance exemplary work and multidisciplinary community.
  • Provide the best preparation, the greatest intellectual challenge, the most intellectually satisfying opportunities, and the highest quality experience, to an increasing number of undergraduate students.
  • Re-envision our research enterprise and the future of graduate education so as to provide infrastructure, support, and resources that advance our vision to be a national and international prime mover of discovery, innovation, and creativity.
  • Foster the kind of community that attracts the attention of scholars, teachers, researchers, and staff from across the globe and that supports our current members as they develop, thrive, and work to achieve college and university missions.


Download the College of Arts and Sciences 2014-19 Strategic Plan