The College Fund

Gifts to the College Fund, the annual fund for the College of Arts and Sciences, provide critical, unrestricted support that can be directed toward the college’s most pressing needs. The College Fund gives the dean and department chairs the flexibility to respond to emerging needs, whether that’s aiding a student who needs emergency scholarship support or giving start-up funding to a faculty interdisciplinary workgroup pursuing a promising line of research.

Experiential Learning

An innovative approach to education that emphasizes hands-on training and includes:

  • Internships: Pre-professional work experience that may be related to a student’s major or career goals. Internships may take place over one semester or for a customized period of time. The Dean’s priority for the College of Arts and Sciences will be supporting unpaid internships.
    • 70% of CWRU students will complete one or more internships during their studies.
  • Study Abroad Programs: Many College of Arts and Sciences students pursue study abroad opportunities as part of their course work.
  • Research Opportunities: The College of Arts and Sciences has many research opportunities, including over the summer, that partner students with our faculty, across the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences. This provides the opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of a particular subject area as part of their educational experience. Students can also participate in research through the Expanding Horizons Initiative (EHI). The program funds innovative research, scholarship and creative endeavors that give both undergraduates and graduate students the opportunity to learn and work alongside faculty mentors, whether in science labs, performance spaces or Cleveland neighborhoods.
    • 83% of CWRU Students engage in research: often in their first year.
  • Community Involvement: Opportunities to work with and study local non-profit organizations and community organizations may be part of some students’ experience.
  • Entrepreneurship: Provide access to tools, experience, and tools needed to build a business as students pursue launching their own ventures.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Growing student scholarships is one of the main current support priorities of CWRU College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, Fellowships in support of graduate students are also of utmost importance to the College.

  • Fall CWRU marked a strong enrollment (12,201 students across campus). Typical first year student costs before scholarship or financial aid for attending CWRU as an undergraduate is $86,103.
  • As of 2017, CWRU has met 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for students.
  • $116 million in total scholarship/grants was provided last year to CWRU students.

The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)

  • The Emerging Scholars Program is designed to promote the success of Case Western Reserve University students who have graduated from Cleveland-area high schools.
  • ESP students are those already accepted to CWRU that tend to be the first in their families to attend college. Most of them have not enjoyed the educational opportunities available to the majority of Case Western Reserve undergraduates. Despite these obstacles, they graduate from the university at higher rates than their non-ESP peers do, excel in a variety of fields and often go on to pursue advanced degrees.
  • They work closely with the program’s leaders, who advocate on their behalf, provide encouragement and guidance and connect them with resources across the university. Students learn how to build mentoring relationships with their professors and develop a strong peer support network.
  • Summer 2023 saw the first summer residential program with support from a local foundation. This will be a two year pilot program to assist with student’s acclimating to campus unlike previous ESP cohorts who had to commute to campus during the summer session.