2020 Nominations

To submit nominations for the 2020 Alumni Awards, please email collegesupport@case.edu or call 216-368-0097. This year’s awards will be presented during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, October, 2019.

Nominating committee:

Members of the college community will be invited to participate by the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Development and External Relations. The committee will review and make recommendations to the Office of Development and External Relations.

Nomination Format:

Alumni, faculty, staff and students of the College of Arts and Sciences may make nominations. Nominators should submit the following:

  • Letter stating the nomination category and establishing the candidate’s qualifications with clear and concise detail
  • The nominee’s resume or CV
  • Contact information including a current address
  • Three supporting letters of nomination from others
  • Any additional information that would substantiate the nomination.


Award recipients will be recognized during Homecoming Weekend. Recipients may also receive recognition in Homecoming Weekend literature and college publications, and on the college website.