To ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines, the following Faculty Departure Process (FDP) must be completed at the time when a faculty member is ending his/her employment with the University, whether through resignation, retirement, or termination. This process serves as a tool for both the faculty member and his/her department. The FDP Faculty Checklist Worksheet and relevant FDP Appendix(es) must be completed by the faculty member in conjunction with his/her department/division administrator (DA) and chair.

Initiation of the Faculty Departure Process (FDP) should happen as soon as a letter of resignation has been received and a departure date has been established, ideally 90 days prior to the departure date, to allow for coordination with numerous CAS and CWRU administrative offices.

Completion of the Faculty Departure Process will help ensure that:

  • Information needed for a smooth departure is available to all parties
  • Financial responsibility is identified and planned for
  • Appropriate grants are transferred to the new institution in a timely manner

Part 1 entails completion and submission of the FDP Title Page & Faculty Checklist Worksheet, which identifies the faculty member’s responsibilities regarding human resources, research conduct and administration, animal care and concerns, data storage and transfer, etc. Not all areas of the FDP Faculty Checklist Worksheet will be appropriate for all faculty. By first completing the FDP Faculty Checklist Worksheet faculty members and DAs will know which areas pertain to individual faculty.

Part 2 entails faculty and department administration working with relevant college and university offices to complete the relevant FDP Appendix(es). Completion of these documents will assist to close out and wrap up any outstanding faculty responsibilities prior to their departure date, which severs their relationship with the university and the college.

Steps for completing the Faculty Departure Process (FDP):

    1. Dept Admin: Advise faculty member of the need to submit an FDP Title Page & FDP Checklist Worksheet, along with the letter of resignation and CWRU Personnel Action Form, to the CAS Faculty Departure Committee.
      1. The FDP Title Page & FDP Checklist Worksheet
    2. Faculty: Complete the FDP Title Page & FDP Checklist Worksheet, obtain signatures, and submit the completed packet to Dept Admin for online submission.
    3. Dept Admin: Scan and submit the letter of resignation and the FDP Title Page & FDP Checklist Worksheet online at , using the FDP Checklist Worksheet to complete the online form.
    4. Faculty Departure Committee (FDC): Review the submitted FDP Title Page & FDP Checklist Worksheet and refer the faculty member and Dept Admin to the relevant FDP Appendixes for completion by faculty, Dept Admin (when relevant) and other relevant parties.
    5. Dept Admin and Faculty: Work closely with staff named as a responsible party to complete each FDP Appendix that is relevant to that faculty member’s departure.
      1. The FDP Appendixes 
        1. Appendix A: Grants and Contracts Form
        2. Appendix B: Equipment Form / Appendix B: Capital Equipment Spreadsheet
        3. Appendix C: Wet Research Lab/Hazardous Materials/ Biological Samples Form
        4. Appendix D: Computational Resources Form
        5. Appendix E: Human Subjects Research Form
        6. Appendix F: Animal Research Form
        7. Appendix G: Transfer of Data, Records and Samples Form 
        8. Appendix H: Export Control Form
        9. Appendix I: Technology Transfer Form
        10. Appendix J: Human Resources Form
        11. Appendix K – Websites/PublicShares/Listservs Form
        12. Appendix L – Procurement Card Form
    6. Dept Admin: Submit a single PDF of the completed and signed relevant FDP Appendix(es) via the online form
    7. Faculty Departure Committee (FDC): Review completed and signed relevant FDP Appendix(es) and advise department chair and CAS Administration of FDP Process completion.