Faculty and Staff Departures should all complete a CWRU Personnel Action Form and send via email to Melissa Van, (mxv128@case.edu), HR Director, of the college with a letter of resignation as soon as the departure is confirmed.

Departing Faculty should then complete the process below to ensure that

  • Information needed for a smooth departure is available to all parties
  • Financial responsibility is identified and planned for
  • Appropriate grants are transferred to the new institution in a timely manner

Part 1

Complete and submit the FDP Title Page & Faculty Checklist Worksheet to casfacultydepart@case.edu.

  • This checklist identifies the faculty member’s responsibilities regarding human resources, research conduct and administration, animal care and concerns, data storage and transfer, etc.
  • Not all areas of the FDP Faculty Checklist Worksheet will be appropriate for all faculty. By first completing the FDP Faculty Checklist Worksheet faculty members and DAs will know which areas and Appendix documents pertain to individual faculty.

Part 2

Faculty member and department administration work with relevant college and university offices to complete the relevant FDP Appendix documents (linked below). Completed Appendix documents are returned to casfacultydepart@case.edu once all signatures are obtained.

  • Completion of these documents will assist to close out and wrap up any outstanding faculty responsibilities prior to their departure date, which severs their relationship with the university and the college.

All documents relating to the Faculty Departure Process (FDP):

CWRU Personnel-Action-Form_

The FDP Title Page & FDP Checklist Worksheet

The FDP Appendix documents and Contacts*

Appendix Contact(s)*

Appendix A: Grants and Contracts Form

CAS | Research Administration | cas-grants@case.edu

Appendix B: Equipment Form / Appendix B: Capital Equipment Spreadsheet

CAS | Space & Facilities Planning |casfacilities@case.edu

Appendix C: Wet Research Lab/Hazardous Materials/ Biological Samples Form

CAS | Space & Facilities Planning |casfacilities@case.edu

Appendix D: Computational Resources Form

CAS | Research Administration | cas-grants@case.edu

CAS | IT | casitadmin@case.edu

Appendix E: Human Subjects Research Form

University Hospitals Administration Office | 216-844-1529

CWRU IRB | cwru-irb@case.edu

Appendix F: Animal Research Form CWRU | ARC | John Durfee | jwd7@case.edu
CWRU | ARC | Justin Donnelly | jcd109@case.edu| 216 368-3490
CWRU |IACUC |Tami McCourt | txm9@case.edu | 216 368-4972
Appendix G: Transfer of Data, Records and Samples Form  CAS | Research Administration | cas-grants@case.edu
Appendix H: Export Control Form CWRU | Univ Compliance Office | Lisa Palazzo|exportcontrol@case.edu
Appendix I: Technology Transfer Form CWRU | Tech Transfer | Michael Haag | mhaag@case.edu
Appendix J – Websites/PublicShares/Listservs Form CAS | IT | casitadmin@case.edu
Appendix K – Procurement Card Form CAS Department Administrator and CAS Office of Budget

*Contacts – Please use the contact information above and not the contact information on the individual appendix documents.