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Endowment Gifts

Abbreviation and Symbols Key:

* – Deceased
ADL – Adelbert College
ARC – CWRU School of Architecture
CAS – College of Arts and Sciences
CIT – Case Institute of Technology
CLC – Cleveland College
CSE – Case School of Engineering
DEN – CWRU School of Dental Medicine
FSM – Flora Stone Mather College for Women
GRS – School of Graduate Studies


HON – Honorary Degree
LAW – CWRU School of Law
LYS – CWRU School of Library Sciences
MED – CWRU School of Medicine
MGT – Weatherhead School of Management
NUR – Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
WRC – Western Reserve College
SAS – Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Andrew Family Foundation Endowment Fund
Andrew Family Foundation
Randall and Virginia Barbato Graduate Fellowship in Art History and Art
Gerald and Carol Barnett Endowment Fund
Dr. Gerald W., GRS ‘55,’62, and Carol Barnett
Cynthia Kellogg Barrington Endowment Fund for Cleveland Playhouse Master of Fine Arts Program
Estate of Cynthia Kellogg Barrington*, GRS ‘64
Michael and Joan Bernardino Endowment Fund
Joan, FSM ’69, and Dr. Michael E. Bernardino, ADL ‘69
The Ilse Jahn Bolster German Language Experience Program Endowment Fund
The Eirik Borve Fund For Foreign Language Instruction
Estate of Mr. Eirik Borve*
Robert W. Brown, PhD Endowment
Dr. Robert W. Brown
Dr. Harvey Buchanan Endowed Lecture Fund in Art History and Humanities
Estate of Dr. Harvey Buchanan*
Dr. Harvey Buchanan Lectureship in Art History and Museum Studies Supplementary Fund (HBSF)
Estate of Dr. Harvey Buchanan*
Dorothy Zieburtz Buckhold Endowment Fund
Brenda Buckhold Shank, MD, PhD, FSM ‘61, GRS ‘66
Richard N. Campen Lecture Fund
Margaretta, FSM ’68, and Richard Campen, MGT ‘73
Susie Scott Christopher Endowment Fund
Lucy Anne M. Christopher, FSM ‘67, SAS ‘75
C.H. Cramer-I.E. Phillips Fund
Lance Turkish, MD, ADL ‘70, MED ‘73
Jonathan Michael Dannefer Fund
Professor Dale Dannefer
DeGrace Hall Fund
Case Alumni Association
Edwards Scholars Endowment Fund for the College of Arts and Sciences
Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation
Endowed Scholarship Fund – CAS
William Anthony Eddy, MD, ADL ‘48
Flora Stone Mather Alumnae Association Scholarship Fund
Estate of Mrs. Gratian McRae Nugent*, FSM ‘50
Wasima N. Rida, PhD, WRC ‘78, GRS ‘80
Flora Stone Mather Class of 1956 Endowment Fund
Elaine Harris Green, FSM ‘56, GRS ‘61
Flora Stone Mather Professorship
Estate of Jonathan S. Bishop*, MD
Gelfand K-12 STEM Center
Gelfand Family Charitable Fund
James Cross Giblin Endowment Fund, The James C. Giblin Fellowship Fund
Estate of Mr. James Cross Giblin*, ADL ‘54
Michael and Judith Goldman Scholarship Fund
Marv and Marcia Gisser
Blanche and Morris Goldstein Scholarship Fund
Elliott, ADL ‘61, LAW ’67, and Nina Goldstein, FSM ‘63, GRS ‘69
Russell A. Griffin Prize Fund
Richard A. Bloom, MD, WRC ‘74, MED ‘79
Lance Turkish, MD, ADL ‘70, MED ‘73
Warren A. Guthrie Prize for Public Speaking
Ronald H. Carpenter, PhD, ADL ‘54, GRS ‘59
Elinor Halle-Madeline Halle Baker-Bamberger Family Endowment Fund
Madeline H. Baker, FSM ‘42
Richard H. Bamberger, LAW ‘72
Rob Bamberger
Roger S. Bamberger, JD, LAW ‘72
Richard H. Bamberger Philanthropic Fund
Arthur S. Holden, Sr. Endowment Fund, Frontiers of Astronomy Program Series
Cleveland Astronomical Society
John Paul and Marilyn Jones Endowed Undergraduate Research Fund
Aileen and Julian Kassen Anthropology Endowment Fund
Melinda Kassen
Schwab Charitable Fund
The Florence Keuerleber Prize
Dr. Robert, CIT ’72, and Sandra Rodriguez
Gilles and Malvina Klopman Endowment Fund
Mario A. De Leon Dimayuga, PhD, GRS ‘91
Koopman and Eaton Endowment Fund
Dorothy B. Koopman, FSM ’72, and Mark Eaton
Maple Tree Fund
Kulas Foundation Lecture Fund
Kulas Foundation
Kulas Professorship of Music
Kulas Foundation
Mary O. Lavelle Endowment Fund
Sara Hill Lavelle
The Philip and Elsa Lichtenberg Scholarship Fund
Dr. Philip, ADL ’48, GRS ‘50, ’52, and Elsa Russell Lichtenberg, FSM ‘50
Philip and Elsa Lichtenberg Charitable Fund
L.. Phillip and Gene O. Longley Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Baeslack, III
The Mann Child Policy Initiative Fund
Carol E. Mann, FSM ‘71
Robert and Jane Mellors Scholarship Fund
Alice Mellors Kozar, MD, and Jack J. Kozar, III
Robert Charles Mellors, Jr., MD
Nadine Miles Endowment Fund
Estate of Mr. James Cross Giblin*, ADL ‘54
Modern Languages and Literatures Endowment Fund
Dr. Tom R., ADL ‘58, MED ’62, and Jo Ann Hornsten, GRS ‘63
Eric and Jane Nord Endowment for the Baker-Nord Center
Bonnie Merrick Baker, MGT ‘86
Joseph and Nancy Keithley Foundation
Nancy and Joseph Keithley
Robinson Family Philanthropic Fund
Barbara S. Robinson
Edward J. Olszewski Art History Endowment Fund
Elizabeth Hirsh Warshawsky
Diane E. Patterson Memorial Fund
John T. Deadwyler
Dolores E. Patterson
Albert J. and Adele Hanna Reid Memorial Fund
Elizabeth A. Finley-Belgrad, MD
Barbara Finley Schiavone
Reisacher Family Endowment Fund
Dr. Sally Reisacher Petro, WRC ‘82, SAS ‘84, ’90, GRS ‘90, and Richard Petro
The Reisacher Petro Endowment Fund
Dr. Sally Reisacher Petro, WRC ‘82, SAS ‘84, ’90, GRS ‘90, and Richard Petro
The Raymond M. and Mary Lou Geltz Reisacher Endowment Fund
Dr. Sally Reisacher Petro, WRC ‘82, SAS ‘84, ’90, GRS ‘90, and Richard Petro
Anne Benak Riant Endowment Fund
Priscilla A. Chandler, FSM ‘62
James S. and Elissa Richman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Richman Family Foundation
James “Great Neck,” ADL ‘72, and Elissa Richman
Richman Fund for Popular Music Studies
Richman Family Foundation
James “Great Neck,” ADL ’72, and Elissa Richman
Roger B. Salomon Graduate Dissertation Fellowship
Mark A. Francioli, WRC ‘76, GRS ‘89
Hon. Marilyn E. Shea-Stonum, LAW ’75, and Gary Lee Stonum, PhD
Jane Bowman Smith, PhD, FSM ‘71, GRS ‘73, ‘82
Sidonie Smith, GRS ’71, and Gregory Grieco
J. Reid Shelton PhD Graduate Fellowship
Estate of Mr. David R. Hearn*, GRS ‘57
Support for Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavors (SOURCE)
John Paul Jones, PhD, CIT ‘64
William J. and Lois C. Spaeth Memorial Fund
Lance Turkish, MD, ADL ‘70, MED ‘73
James Stephen Swinehart, PhD, Endowment Fund
Ann Swinehart
Lajos F. Takacs, PhD Endowment Fund
Dr. Scott, WRC ’86, and Judy Pendergast
Susan Elizabeth Takacs, WRC ‘86
Richard A. Thompson ADL ‘65 Memorial Fund
Malcolm Hadley Gissen, ADL ‘65
Lee S. Kraft, ADL ‘68
Melvin S., ADL ’64, and Adrienne Wasserman
Wilma Anne Trenkamp Endowed Scholarship Fund in Music
Estate of W. Anne Trenkamp, PhD*, FSM ‘67, GRS ‘73
The Dr. Carl Ubbelohde Endowment Fund
Bonnie Merrick Baker, MGT ‘86
Judith G. Cetina, PhD, FSM ‘71, GRS ‘74, ‘77
Virginia Parker Dawson, PhD, GRS ‘77, ‘83
Dr. Lawrence, GRS ’73, and Margaret DeVaro, SAS ’68
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Sheldon Jack Harris, GRS ‘75
Dr. Kenneth Ledford and Rev. Susan Holderness
Ronald Walter Szudy, ADL ‘70, GRS ‘74
David, GRS ’88, and Lora Twining
Elizabeth Walker Endowment Fund
Hazel Cramer, PhD, FSM ‘63
The Eric A. Wang, MD, and Deborah C. Stone, DVM, Endowment Fund
Alexander Davis Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Estate of Alexander Davis Wilson*, ADL ‘72
The Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Dr. J. Bruce, MD, ADL ’52, and Nancy Jackson
Abraham Wolf, PhD, Endowed Fund for Psychotherapy Research at the College of Arts and Sciences
Abraham and Idelle Wolf Philanthropic Fund
Idelle and Dr. Abraham W. Wolf

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