March 19, 2015 Newsletter

All Majors

International Studies Poll
The International Studies Program would like to know if current majors are interested in organizing an International Studies student group. We would appreciate if you would please complete the poll at the link above.
Cleveland International Film Festival
March 19-28, Tower City Cinemas
A wide variety of international films will be shown during the 39th Annual Cleveland Film Festival. Discounts and free tickets are available for students.



Korean Student Association Night, Neon Pop 2015
March 20, 5:30pm Thwing Ballroom
Gourmet Korean Dinner Buffet
Tickets are $8/$10 at the door and Case Cash is accepted.
Taste of China
March 21, 5:30pm Thwing Atrium
Try food from China. There will be a performance by the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) of Greater Cleveland Dragon Dance Team.
Collectors, Collections and Museums: Chinese Ceramics in Britain 1560-1960
March 25, 6:30pm Cleveland Museum of Art
Stacey Pierson, Senior Lecturer at SOAS, University of London, will be discussing the uses of Chinese ceramics in Britain.Awake: The Life of Yogananda
March 20, 7:30pm and March 21, 9:00pm at the Cleveland Cinematheque. “This  film traces the life and career of India’s Hindu Swami Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952).”



Things to Come
March 20, 9:20pm and March 21, 7pm at the Cleveland Cinematheque. A science fiction film written by H.G. Wells imagining a history and future for the city of London.


Latin America

La Fiesta: We are Latin America
March 21, 6:00pm Thwing Ballroom
A dinner and cultural show presented by La Alianza. Tickets are $5 for students.
Identity, Authority, and Authenticity in Language Policy: Reflections from the Peruvian Andes
March 23, 4:30pm-5:30pm Clark Hall Room 309
A talk by Virginia Zavala, Professor in the Department of Humanities (Linguistics Section) at Pontificia Universidad Católica, Lima, Perú.


Middle East

The Israeli Election and Beyond
March 20, 12:30pm Dampeer Room KSL
Professor Peter Haas will be discussing the results of the Israeli Election at this week’s CPS Friday Lunch.