April 9, 2015 Newsletter

All Majors

International Studies Meeting
April 14, 9am, Coffee House on Juniper Road
The initial meeting to organize an International Studies student group will be held Tuesday. Majors interested in helping to organize the group are welcome. If you plan to attend and have not already RSVPed, please RSVP to kelly.mcmann@case.edu.

“Framing for Change: A Cultural-Cognitive Approach to Communication”
April 13, 4:15pm, Mather Memorial Room 201
Dr. Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, a medical anthropologist, will be presenting on the recent work of his team of social scientists on public understanding and reframing of pressing issues such as criminal reform, immigration, environmental health, education and climate change.



“What’s in a Label?” A Colloquium
April 10, 3:30pm and April 11, 10am, Recital Hall and the Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Exhibition Hall in the Cleveland Museum of Art. A discussion with distinguished scholars on the exhibition Senufo: Art and Identity in West Africa.

Africa Rising: From the Ground Up
April 11, 7pm, Thwing Ballroom
The African Student Association presents this cultural show at African Night 2015.

Skirt Power
April 15, 7:00pm, Morley Lecture Hall in the Cleveland Museum of Art. A comedy about a mask that reverses gender roles in an 18th-century African community. Tickets for students are $7.



“Counter-Constitutions: How a 21st Century Constitutional Revolution in Hungary Claimed Medieval Roots”
Today, April 9, 4:30pm, Clark Hall 309
Professor Kim Lane Scheppele will be discussing how the Holy Crown of St. Stephen has impacted Hungary’s politics and constitution.

“The Afterlives of Sculptures in Ancient Greece”
April 10, 5:30pm, Clark Hall 309
Dr. Rachel Kousser will talk about the treatment of sculptures in ancient Greece compared to other Mediterranean cultures.

Queen and Country
April 10, 7pm and April 12, 1:30pm, Morley Lecture Hall in the Cleveland Museum of Art. A film by John Boorman based on his two years in the British army during the Korean War. Tickets for students are $7.

The Learned Ladies
April 10 – 19, 8pm, Eldred Theater
A satire by Molière about two young lovers who must go against family wishes of marrying in order to stay together.

“Who Started World War I? Centenary Debates about War Guilt and Meaning”
April 15, 4:30pm, Clark Hall 309
Professor Kenneth Ledford will trace how historians have assessed diplomatic and moral responsibility for the outbreak of WWI.


Latin America and the Caribbean

“Taking the Curve: Navigating the New Latin America”
April 14, 5:30pm, The Union Club of Cleveland
Peter Schechter will be discussing the transformations in Latin America over the past decade and the future impacts of these developments. Tickets are $5 for full-time students.


Middle East

“Decision-Making in Child Protective Services: Perspectives from Israel and the U.S. Longscan Project”
April 14, 12;45pm, Mandel Center for Community Studies, Room 108. Dr. Merav Jedwab, Haruv Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Maryland, will discuss the aspects of Child Protection Services in Israel.