August 27, 2015 Newsletter

All Majors

Cleveland Council on World Affairs Internships
A variety of internships are available at the CCWA for this fall semester. INTL major, Cameron Macaskill, is currently interning and is available to answer any questions.Center for International Affairs’ Welcome Party
Today, August 27, 4pm, Tomlinson Lobby
All are welcome to enjoy in games, food, and remarks from the Associate Provost, David Fleshler. Take the opportunity to learn more about the Center for International Affairs, including its study abroad office.

Volunteers Needed for Medwish International
September 5, Center for Civic Engagement and Learning
MedWish International collects medical supplies and delivers them to those providing medical care in developing countries. Volunteers will help sort materials into categorized bins for future shipments.

Happy Dog Takes on the World: The Legacy of World War II, 70 Years Later
September 1, 7:30pm, Happy Dog, Detroit Ave
Professor Kathryn Lavelle of CWRU and Skip Engel, Marine Corps WWII veteran, will be discussing the effects of WWII on the world, 70 years later.

Asian Grocery Shuttle
August 29, 10:00-6:30
A shuttle will be running between CWRU and the largest Asian Market in Ohio. Sign-ups are required.

The Apu Trilogy (Pather Panchali, Aparajito and Apur Sansar)
August 30, 1:30pm, 4:00pm, 6:45pm, Cleveland Cinematheque
This trilogy of films by Satyajit Ray follows a Bengali village boy, Apu, and his poor family as they struggle to survive. Tickets are $9 for students.

Chinese Landscapes Duets Exhibition
Cleveland Museum of Art
The exhibition includes solo and collaborative work of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney that is “rooted in the aesthetic tradition of Chinese painting.”

Queen Margot
August 27, 6:45pm, Cleveland Cinematheque
This film, based on a novel by Alexandre Dumas, is set in 16th century France during a time when both Catholics and Protestant Huguenots sought control over the country. Tickets are $9 for students.

Middle East

Hostage: The Bachar Tapes
Cleveland Museum of Art, Plays every 30 minutes during hours of operation
The experimental documentary by Lebanese artist Walid Raad focuses on the Lebanon hostage crisis.

Muhammad Shad’s Royal Persian Tent
Cleveland Museum of Art
An imperial tent created for Muhammad Shah who ruled Iran from 1834 to 1848 is on display and includes many of its original panels and complete ceiling.