September 17 Newsletter

All Majors

Refugee Case Manager Internship with Us Together
The Case Manager intern would ideally commit 10 hours a week for 3 months to provide support for the refugee resettlement process. For more information, please email Danielle Drake.

The Look of Silence
September 18, 7:15pm, Cleveland Cinematheque
An Indonesian optician confronts the thugs who murdered his brother during the anti-communist purge of the 1960s. Tickets are $7 for students.

The Last Day of Summer
September 17, 6:45pm, Cleveland Cinematheque
A man and woman meet and try to connect with each other after WWII in this Polish film.  Tickets are $7 for students.

September 17, 8:15pm, Cleveland Cinematheque
A man claims to have lived in a Polish town during WWII and stirs up difficult memories for the townspeople in this Kafkaesque drama. Tickets are $7 for students.

September 18, 9:20pm and September 20, 8:35pm, Cleveland Cinematheque
A French film that follows the life of a teen DJ during the early 1990s in France. Tickets are $7 for students.

Comfort and Joy
September 20, 6:30pm, Cleveland Cinematheque
This comedy-drama follows a Glasgow radio host as he becomes involved in an ice cream war between two rival ice cream trucks in town. Tickets are $7 for students.

Cleveland Italian Film Festival
September 24, 7:30pm, Cedar Lee Theater
“Smetto Quando Voglio!” will be playing. Tickets are $10 if sold in advance.

Latin America and Caribbean

LaNa Market, Salsa Band
September 17, 4-7pm, Kelvin Smith Library Oval
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a live salsa band and free food for CWRU students.

Locas Mujeres
September 17, 6pm, Flora Stone Mather Center for Women
A full length documentary abour Gabriela Mistral and her relationship with New Yorker, Doris Dana.

“Unrepentant Traveler, Accidental Diplomat”
September 18, 4:30pm, Clark Hall 309
Biographer, Elizabeth Horan, will be presenting her research about Latin America’s First Nobel Laureate and Feminist Icon, Gabriela Mistral.

Latino Art Show Exhibit
September 15-Oct 15, Kelvin Smith Library Art Gallery
The art show features Latino artists, Bruno Casiano, Elia M. Pestana Knight, Alex Rivera, Eldis Rodriquez, and Rafael Valdivieso.

Middle East and North Africa
The Wanted 18
September 20, 4pm, Cleveland Cinematheque
The Israeli army hunts for a herd of hidden cows that the Palestinians in the town of Beit Sahour had purchased in this whimsical claymation and documentary. Tickets are $7 for students.