February 18, 2016 Newsletter

Late Spring
February 20, 5:00 pm, Cinematheque
February 23, 8:00 pm, Cinematheque
An elderly Japanese widower tries to marry off his daughter. Tickets for individuals aged 25 and under are $7.

Freeman Awards for Study in Asia
Application deadline is March 1 for summer 2016
Freeman ASIA provides scholarships to students with financial need to study in East or Southeast Asia.

2016 Lunar New Year Celebration
February 20, 10:00-5:00 pm, Cleveland State University Student Center
Join CSU’s Confucius Institute in a celebration of the Lunar New Year with games, food, song, and dance. This event is free.

No Home Movie
February 18, 6:45 pm, Cinematheque
February 20, 9:34 pm, Cinematheque
A documentary filmmaker tries to learn more about her Belgian mother’s life and time in Auschwitz. Tickets for individuals aged 25 and under are $7.

The Summer of Sangaile
February 18, 9:00 pm, Cinematheque
February 19, 7:30 pm, Cinematheque
In this Lithuanian summertime romance, two young women meet at a rural air show. Tickets for individuals aged 25 and under are $7.

Les Délices – Folly of Youth
February 20, 8:00 pm, Harkness Chapel
Ensemble Les Délices present this comical program that features French cantatas and chamber music. Tickets are free for students with a valid ID at the door.

Vincent, Francois, Paul and the Others
February 19, 9:20 pm, Cinematheque
February 21, 6:30 pm, Cinematheque
Three men find strength in their long term friendship as they each face mid-life crises. Tickets for individuals aged 25 and under are $7.

Arabian Nights: Volume 3 – The Enchanted One
February 20, 7:10 pm, Cinematheque
February 21, 8:50 pm, Cinematheque
Do not miss this trilogy of films telling stories of layoffs, unemployment, and strikes in Portugal, all with a dark creative twist. Tickets for individuals aged 25 and under are $7.

The Woman Next Door
February 21, 1:30 pm, Cleveland Museum of Art
A man’s life begins to fall apart when an ex-lover becomes his new neighbor in this French film. Tickets for students are $8.

Middle East and North Africa
Ghost Town: The Hebron Story
February 21, 4:00 pm, Cinematheque
A documentary about the West Bank town of Hebron. Filmmaker to host post-film discussion. Tickets for individuals 25 and under are $7.