January 14, 2016 Newsletter


Nanook of the North
January 17, 1:30-2:50 pm, Cleveland Museum of Art
Make sure to catch this classic silent film about an Inuit family and daily life in the Arctic Circle. Admission for students is $8.


Chinese Landscape Duets of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney
Open until February 7, Cleveland Museum of Art
Do not miss this incredible collection of contemporary landscapes by Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney. This exhibition is free.


Russian Duo
January 15, 8:30 pm, Nighttown
A unique opportunity to hear Cleveland based Russian Duo as they share a range of Russian classical and folk music. Tickets are $15.
Imaginary Orchestra
January 16, 8:00 pm, The Galleries at CSU
January 17, 4:00 pm, Herr Chapel at Plymouth Church UCC
Two harpsichord players perform music of the French baroque, featuring 17th and 18th century composers. Tickets are $25-$35.
January 19, 8:00 pm, Beachland Tavern
Don’t miss Zusha, a New York City trio that uses their Hasidic background to create their hybrid world/folk/soul music. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 the day of the show.
The Wonders
January 15, 9:15 pm, Cinematheque
January 16, 7:15 pm, Cinematheque
In this award winning film, a German family of beekeepers considers joining a reality TV show to earn some much-needed extra money. Admission for individuals aged 25 and under is $7.
The Left-Handed Woman
January 16, 5:00 pm, Cinematheque
This film centers on a German woman, living in Paris, who decides to leave her husband and family to find her place in the world. Admission for individuals aged 25 and under is $7.
Out 1: Noli Me Tangere (Episodes 5 &6)
January 21, 6:45 pm, Cinematheque
An eight part, French film that follows two theater groups each rehearsing the same play. Tickets for individuals aged 25 and under are $7 or $20 for admission to four parts.

Latin America
Sand Dollars
January 15, 7:30 pm, Cinematheque
January 17, 8:40 pm, Cinematheque
An Oscar-contender film about an elderly woman who vacations in the Dominican Republic and falls in love with a young local woman. Admission for individuals aged 25 and under is $7.