December 8, 2016 Newsletter

All Majors

INTL 398 Posters
December 9, 12:00-2:45p.m., Tinkham Veale Ballroom
Stop by the Intersections event to see majors Paige Hughes’ and Cameron Macaskill’s INTL 398 posters.

Career Advice
For information about a variety of international careers, see the e-book Careers in International Affairs, available from Kelvin Smith Library.

CIC Career Fairs
Consider attending one or more of this organization’s East Coast career fairs, which offer a broader array of employers than CWRU career fairs typically do. Lists of employers will be available in upcoming months.

Social Justice Research Fellowships
Apply for undergraduate research grants, which can be used towards international-focused projects.

Multicultural Holiday Celebration
December 14, 6:00-9:00p.m., Global Center for Health Innovation
Enjoy international food, music, performances, a fashion show, and networking.


The Apostate
December 8, 6:45p.m., Cinematheque
December 9, 7:15p.m., Cinematheque
A Spanish graduate student tries to sever his ties with the Catholic Church and retreats into his own fantasy world as he deals with clerical bureaucracy. Age 25 & under tickets are $7.

Class Relations
December 10, 6:50p.m., Cinematheque
A young German immigrant is met with a harsh reality of working life in the “New World.” Age 25 & under tickets are $9.

December 10, 9:20p.m., Cinematheque
December 11, 8:00p.m., Cinematheque
An ex-clown becomes a handyman in a French apartment building and discovers secrets about the ground floor butcher shop. Age 25 & under tickets are $7.


Japanese Language Speech Contest
Showcase your Japanese language skills while competing for a scholarship and other prizes. Applications are due December 20 and the final competition will take place near Columbus on March 4.

The Age of Shadows
December 8, 8:25p.m., Cinematheque
December 9, 8:55p.m., Cinematheque
Korean resistance fighters battle their country’s Japanese occupiers during the 1920s in this exciting thriller. Age 25 & under tickets are $7.

Latin America

The Vessel
December 10, 5:00p.m., Cinematheque
December 11, 4:30p.m., Cinematheque
A man constructs a mysterious vessel and provides solace to a Puerto Rican seaside community ten years after the village was destroyed by a tsunami. Age 25 & under tickets are $7.