October 19, 2017 Newsletter

All Majors

International Studies Breakfast and Dessert
Thursday, October 26, 8:45 to 9:45 am, Mather House 100
ThursdayOctober 264 to 5 pm, Mather House 100
Please attend one or both of these events, which are an opportunity for prospective majors to learn about International Studies from current majors. Let program assistant Anna Conboy, anna.conboy@case.edu, know by noon on Wednesday, October 25 which event you plan to attend.  You do not need to RSVP if you signed up during the career workshop.

Contact Your Mentor
Have you spoken to your alumni mentor recently?  Now is a good time to check in for advice about summer internships and post-graduate plans.  Majors who do not yet have a mentor will have an opportunity to match with one later this year.

America’s Immigration Policy Fiasco
October 19, 4:30-5:30p.m., Moot Courtroom
Princeton University Professor Douglas Massey will discuss the root of immigration issues and alternate solutions to the current militarized border. This is a free event, but registration is recommended.


The European Union: Past, Problems, Prospects
October 2012:00-1:30p.m., Landmark Center, Room 105, Beachwood
History Professor Ken Ledford will discuss the issues facing the European Union and how Americans can better understand the political structure. Lunch is included. Tickets are $25 and registration is required.

October 20, 9:30p.m., Cinematheque
October 21, 6:30p.m., Cinematheque
A group of young radicals in Paris take over a department store and wreak havoc on the city. Age 25 and under tickets are $7.

Masterpieces of Polish Animation
October 22, 4:30p.m., Cinmatheque
Enjoy ten classic short films by Poland’s master animators. Age 25 and under tickets are $7.

October 22, 6:30p.m., Cinematheque
Drama ensues when a Romanian family gathers in memory of the death of the patriarch. Age 25 and under tickets are $9.

Latin America

Cuban and Brazilian Concert
October 20 and 218:30p.m., Nighttown
This concert will feature a blend of Brazilian guitar and Cuban piano music. Tickets are $30.

The Future of U.S.-Cuba Policy
October 245:30-7:30p.m., The Union Club
Join this discussion with Ambassador Charles Shapiro, former U.S. Coordinator for Cuban Affairs, about current and future business and travel prospects in Cuba. Student tickets are $5.

The Untamed
October 19, 7:00p.m., The Capitol Theatre
A Mexican couple befriend an alien that landed by meteor near their home. Age 25 and under tickets are $7.

Middle East and North Africa

The Making of the Balfour Declaration
October 23, 7:00p.m., Landmark Center, Room 105, Beachwood
Georgia Tech History Professor Jonathan Schneer will explain the reasoning and impact behind Great Britain’s promise to help the Jewish people settle in Palestine. Tickets are $5 and registration is required.

Decagonal Geometry in Medieval Islamic Architectural Tilings and Beyond
October 255:00-6:00p.m., CMA Recital Hall
Harvard University Research Associate Peter Lu will share his research on medieval Islamic scrolls from North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. This is a free event.

The International Studies Program does not endorse or sponsor the fellowships, internships, jobs, and other opportunities listed in the newsletter.  Students are encouraged to evaluate them.