November 9, 2017 Newsletter


All Majors

Fall Advising Meetings
November 9-November 30
Please schedule your fall advising meeting with Professor McMann here.  Students who are studying abroad should request a Skype meeting, using the same link.

Courses with International Content
Please consult the attached list when scheduling for the spring semester.

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants 
Volunteer and internship opportunities are available to help refugee clients acclimate to the U.S. and find work.

International Affairs Research Fellowship
The James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program provides an opportunity for graduating seniors and recent graduates to work at The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for one year.

Soups of the World Benefit
November 11, 6:00-9:00p.m., The Slovenian National Home, 3563 E. 80th Street
Former Peace Corps volunteers host this benefit to help fund local and global projects. Association Tickets are $35.


Asian American Economic Summit
November 14, 8:30-6:00p.m., Ariel International Center, 1163 E. 40th Street
This summit will feature panel discussions about doing business in Asian countries. Student tickets are $10.


Teaching Assistant Program in France
Spend seven months teaching English to French students of all ages. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2018-19 school year.

How to Do Things with Dead People
November 10, 3:15-4:15, Clark Hall 206
Villanova Professor Alice Daily will discuss how historical dramas portray and re-kill dead historical figures.

November 11, 7:00-9:00p.m., Harkness Chapel
A group of Scotland’s most acclaimed jazz musicians will perform at this evening of jazz music and discussion.

Russian Singing Group Practice
November 14, 6:00-7:00p.m., Haydn Hall 207
Learn to sing traditional Russian songs. No prior knowledge of Russian is required.

The Arch of Titus: From Jerusalem to Rome and Back
November 14, 6:00-7:00p.m., Maltz Performing Arts Center
Yeshiva University Professor Steven Fine will discuss Jewish history in the Roman period. This is a free event, but registration is required.

Structuralism in Simone de Beauvoir’s Second Sex
November 15, 4:00p.m., Guilford Parlor
Ohio University Professor Judith Grant will discuss Simone de Beauvoir’s feminist work in the context of the structuralist movement.

Rocco and His Brothers
November 11, 7:00p.m., Cinematheque
An Italian widow and her sons move from the countryside to Milan and encounter drama. Age 25 and under tickets are $8.

October: Ten Days that Shook the World
November 12, 6:30p.m., Cinematheque
This Russian film recreates the events of the Bolshevik Revolution. Age 25 and under tickets are $8.

Latin America

Latin American News Digest Internship
Spring 2018 internships are available for students to translate and condense articles from Latin American sources for weekly publications.

Middle East and North Africa

Israeli Visual Artist Lecture
November 10, 12:45-2:00p.m., Clark Hall 206
Harel Max will discuss performance art in Israel from the 1970s to the present. This is a free event.

Dead Sea Caves: New Archaeological Discoveries
November 13, 7:00p.m., Landmark Centre, Beachwood
Learn about the recent discovery of a new scroll cave and how it helps us understand the Hebrew Bible. Tickets are $5.

The Challenge
November 12, 4:30p.m., Cinematheque
This documentary follows a group of wealthy Arab men who spend an extravagant weekend in the Qatari desert. Age 25 and under tickets are $7.

The International Studies Program does not endorse or sponsor the fellowships, internships, jobs, and other opportunities listed in the newsletter.  Students are encouraged to evaluate them.