May 7, 2020 Newsletter

All Majors

Congratulations to numerous INTL majors for their impressive achievements!

Diona James was awarded a Cleveland Foundation Public Service Fellowship to assist with revitalization of Cleveland communities next year.

Fatima Rahman received the CWRU Outstanding Junior student leadership award.

Ingrid Gillies received the CWRU Outstanding Freshman student leadership award.

Outgoing Sigma Iota Rho Officers
Thank you to outgoing International Studies honor society officers President Colby Saxton, Vice President Andoni Barrica, Treasurer Liz Hanna, and Secretary Aubri Swank! Learn more about the honor society on this page.

Incoming Sigma Iota Rho Officers
Welcome to incoming SIR officers President Kimberly Osbern, Vice President Hanna Paris, Secretary Kayley Carter, and Adjunct Liaison Kasey Pukys!

International Studies Majors’ Presentations
Check out Aubri Swank’s and Andoni Barrica’s Virtual Intersections presentations on Catalan law and the role of rural air service in economic development, respectively.

Summer Options
Summer plans disrupted?  Ask to work remotely or consider CWRU online summer courses, virtual volunteering, and specific opportunities listed in the last two issues of the newsletter.

Post-graduate Opportunities
See the last two issues of the newsletter for post-graduation ideas in these uncertain times.

Virtual Student Federal Service
International Studies majors have had excellent experiences interning remotely during the academic year for U.S. government agencies, including the Department of State.  Positions are listed beginning July 1.


Books and Films

Summer Rest and Relaxation
Take some time to relax this summer with a foreign book, film, or TV series recommended by your fellow majors.  See the growing list.

Make a Recommendation
Contribute to the list of International Studies favorites!  Suggest a book, film, or TV series here.

The International Studies Program does not endorse or sponsor the fellowships, internships, jobs, and other opportunities listed in the newsletter. Students are encouraged to evaluate them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, follow all government and public health restrictions and advice when taking advantage of these opportunities. CDC information and resources appear here