Before the end of your final semester at CWRU or once you have completed all your courses for the International Studies major…

1) Print out the Academic Advisement Report correction form here.

2) Complete Part I.

3) Under Other Corrections on page two, list the course numbers and names and appropriate designation–“International Studies area focus,” “International Studies topical focus,” “International Studies elective.”

4) Also under Other Corrections on page two, write “Foreign language competency demonstrated by” and then write one of these options:

       a) if you began with 101 at CWRU: “completion of [name the 202 course taken in the four-course sequence]


       b) if you began with a course higher than 101 at CWRU: ”completion of [name a 300-level language course]”

5) Sign and date the bottom of page two.

6) Email the form to the International Studies Director, who will review and sign it and return it to you by email.

7) Either:

       a) email the form to


       b) print it and deliver it to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Sears 357.

8) Two weeks later check for the information in SIS.  If it is not there, contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

9) If you will be completing International Studies courses your final semester, you should also check the information in SIS after those grades have been posted.  The report can include courses you have not taken yet, but they will not be correctly designated in SIS until passing grades have been posted.

Note that independent of your International Studies major, you will also need to file a graduation application.  Go to “Apply for Graduation” in the “other academic” drop-down box in SIS for more details.

The program assistant and director would be glad to answer any questions about the procedures described above.