While the pandemic forced many International Studies majors to remain in their home countries this summer, a few were able to travel abroad.

Forest Balcerak, on the right, at a construction site in Ecuador

Forest Balcerak ’22 worked with civil engineers and architects on a construction project in Quito, Ecuador. Working abroad allowed them to improve their Spanish-speaking skills, expand their knowledge of civil engineering and construction management, and understand the differences between construction projects in Ecuador and the United States.








Jordan Deskins outside of the Rural Farmers’ Association site in Nicaragua

Jordan Deskins ’22 interned for Friends of the ATC, Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo (Rural Farmers’ Association), in Nicaragua. She traveled around Nicaragua interviewing women who play a role in the ATC women’s movement.  She learned about the Nicaraguan Revolution’s impact on women’s rights and the ATC’s contributions to women-led cooperatives and food sovereignty.








Dane Mizuno, on the right, with Representative Taira Masaaki

Dane Mizuno ’23 interned with Taira Masaaki, a representative in the Diet, the Japanese parliament.  Dane witnessed the opposition debate Liberal Democratic Party ministers and corresponded with lobbyists from organizations including the National Federation of Automobile Transport Workers’ Union.