Below is a sample of courses students are taking spring semester for the International Studies major:


ANTH 353: Chinese Culture and Society

This anthropology course, taught by International Studies steering committee member Dr. Lihong Shi, focuses on Chinese cultural and social institutions during the Maoist and post-Maoist eras. Topics include economics, politics, religion, and popular culture. Majors with an area focus in Asia are taking this course.




NTRN 340: Global Food Systems

This nutrition course, taught by Dr. James Swain, explores the interplay between global food systems and the environment, sustainability, and health. Students examine how sustainability impacts food production and the nutritive qualities of our food. International Studies majors use this course toward their global health focus.



RLGN 218: Faith and Politics in Islam

This religion course, taught by Professor Ramez Islambouli, provides an overview of the relationship between Islam as a religion and Islam as a political system. Students will study the impacts of this relationship from its origin to present day. Students with an area focus in the Middle East and North Africa are taking this course.