Case Neuroscience Society: Something to find for every mind

Once a week, CWRU neuroscience students hang up their white lab coats and remove their rubber gloves to catch up with each other and share a meal. Most have busy schedules consumed by classes, research and exploring options for future jobs or higher education. The Case Neuroscience Society (CNS) offers these students a supportive environment for them to succeed.

CNS—a student-run and self-sufficient organization—members meet in an atmosphere that’s enlightening and fun. Their past events include Jeopardy night and a neuroanatomy demonstration where students got to touch a real human brain. In addition, the group attends meetings to help them succeed in their undergraduate and career paths. 

“Our main mission is to provide neuroscience exposure and resources to all interested individuals, regardless of major or student status,” explained Bryan Chong, a fourth-year student who currently serves as CNS’ event coordinator. “We mainly help undergraduates find labs to work in, because we know how difficult of a process it can be.”

Additionally, the group supports students by creating a space for them to present their personal research experiences. This lets students practice in front of a small audience, and for other group members to see what current research is being done at CWRU. 

CNS also welcomes faculty members and doctors to discuss their personal paths. Hearing about the different possibilities students give themselves by choosing neuroscience is an inspiring way to consider options for their futures.

“As a neuroscience major, I felt this was a great way to promote a small community at CWRU who can help each other further our common interest,” Chong reflected. “It’s really enhanced my experience by forming friendships with other members as well as a professional network with mentors, mentees and faculty.”

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