Senior Spotlight: Joel Linebach

Joel Linebach

Joel Linebach

Class of 2021

Majors: Dance and Polymer Science & Engineering
Minors: Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering

Q: Why did you choose this area of study?

A: I wanted to find a way to channel all of my interests into a plan of study during my time here at CWRU. I absolutely love solving problems and have a passion for the chemical sciences, especially in biological and medical scenarios. I also absolutely love expressing myself and dancing as it is a complete release and passion of mine. I could not decide between the two, so here I am chasing both passions in my fields of study.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: As of now, I will be staying at CWRU for a few more years to complete both my Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance and my Master of Science in Macromolecular Science & Engineering. After this, I hope to continue my career by completing a PhD program based in polymer science, and possible even attend medical school.

Q: Why did you choose CWRU?

A: It may sound cliché, but I chose CWRU because of its interdisciplinary community. I wanted to find a place where I could thrive and grow as a perpetual learner. Here at CWRU is where I found that niche, especially in an interdisciplinary way. I usually pride myself on being quite the ‘renaissance man,’ so being able to continue that was important. Cut to myself being here at CWRU, I’m doing cross-disciplinary polymeric research with biomedical engineering and medicine, and I’m doing creative research in dance that based on the intersection of technology and dance (and this is inspired by chemistry)!

Q: What’s your favorite memory of CWRU?

A: It’s hard to pick out a single memory that I call my favorite. I could talk about my research in Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) implants. I could talk about the first work I ever choreographed here on my own. I could talk about the students I’ve been able to assist as a Peer Advisor. I could talk about the various Greek and extracurricular organizations I’ve been a part of. The list goes on! However, I think the most rewarding memory so far was seeing the time and work of months come together for The Engineering Game game show this past Engineering Week. I was able to work with two other students, and the three of us along with Marc Buchner and Kelly Hendricks created this event from nothing. Watching the event come together and seeing people from ALL schools attending the event was one of the best moments here at CWRU. Being able to make a lasting impact and bring people together was such an amazing feeling to have!

Q: As a graduating senior, what’s one thing you’d like to share with incoming freshman? 

A: HAH! Honestly, I’d say “don’t be afraid to ride an alpaca into the Cleveland sunset.” Is this weird? Yes, but I think all incoming students should not be afraid to try something new and radical. If you’re an engineering student, try a eurhythmics class? If you’re a sociology major, try a computer science class? If your a political science major, try a creative writing class! Try taking a class or joining an organization that you’ve never experienced before! I’ve personally gained so much from jumping completely out of my comfort zone, so I highly recommend that students do the same. Do what you’re interested in and that makes you happy!