Students Help Bring Sculpture Tour into View

sculpture with steps and water

Merging, a sculpture by
Athena Tacha on Mather Quad, is one of the featured sculptures in Art in Our Midst: Cleveland Outdoor Sculpture Reconsidered.

Fourth-year College of Arts and Sciences students Emma Risley and Aleska Sorgatz spent the summer working for the Sculpture Center on catalogs of virtual sculpture tours of Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus. Their catalog for the Cleveland tour, Art in Our Midst: Cleveland Outdoor Sculpture Reconsidered, includes stops on and near the Case Western Reserve campus including Twist and Merging, two sculptures by artist Athena Tacha on East Bell Commons.

“It’s called Art in Our Midst because these tours are filled with great artistic work that you may have passed by hundreds of times on your way to work or class but never really looked at. It reminds people that art and creativity are everywhere if you just look and I think shows a brighter perspective of the world,” Emma said.