Abbreviation and Symbols Key:

* – Deceased
ADL – Adelbert College
ARC – CWRU School of Architecture
CAS – College of Arts and Sciences
CIT – Case Institute of Technology
CLC – Cleveland College
CSE – Case School of Engineering
DEN – CWRU School of Dental Medicine
FSM – Flora Stone Mather College for Women
GRS – School of Graduate Studies


HON – Honorary Degree
LAW – CWRU School of Law
LYS – CWRU School of Library Sciences
MED – CWRU School of Medicine
MGT – Weatherhead School of Management
NUR – Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
WRC – Western Reserve College
SAS – Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences


2018-2019 Frontiers of Astronomy Program Series
Cleveland Astronomical Society

The Abraham W. Wolf, Ph.D. Graduate Fellowship in Clinical Psychology
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice & Sharon Andrien
Frances Shilan Baker, Ph.D., NUR’63, GRS’67, GRS’70
Nilda R. Baker, M.S.S.A., SAS’16
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. Joanne Belknap
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Beth Wain Brandon
Hillel Chiel Ph.D.
Cleveland Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James & Pamela Dovalosky
Elizabeth Dreben, Ph.D.
Dr. Donald K. and Mrs. Gerda K. Freedheim, SAS’74
Richard M. Glaser
Mrs. Lois K. Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. and Nancy M. Grannis
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. and Cari Gross, LYS’78
Mr. and Mrs. Harley I. Gross
Alex Gurvits
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hexter
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Hoffman
Barbara Horowitz
William C. House, Ph.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ingber
Patricia Marcus Inglis, LAW’77
Jeffrey Kitzberger
Emily Knight
Mark Douglas Knight
Sue Knight
Chuck and Sarah Lauber
Betsy Lozoff, M.D., MED’71, GRS’81
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bennett Mann, MGT’79
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Margheret
Amanda Seibel McCarthy, CAS’09, GRS’10
Claudia Metz MD
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Milzcik, D.M., MGT’03
Yoav Moriah
Dale & Alan Morrison
Patricia Morrison
Paul and Sylvia Morrison
Olympus Wealth Partners Inc.
Carol and David Paley
Mr. and Mrs. James Polster
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Raskind
Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Reis
Mr. and Mrs. Bud and Sally Inglis Rich, FSM’55, GRS’69
Dr. George & Pam Richards
Jane Richmond, Ph.D., GRS’85
Jodi and Michael Rogoff
Mrs. Anita Rosenbaum
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Rosenberg, M.D., M.P.H., MED’74
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rubin
Barbara J. Rudolph, SAS’75
Karen Ruthannah Rouh
Dr. Richard, GRS’78, GRS’84 and Mrs. Judith Slutzky Schiller, WRC’75
Robert T. Segraves, M.D., Ph.D.
Monica Seman
Debra Shaw
Drs. Mark I., SAS’79, GRS’83, SAS’83 and Lynn T. Singer, GRS’78, GRS’79
Barbara K. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith
Mark D. Smith
Linda M. Stekelenburg
Stephanie and Jared Miller Fund
Dr. D. Brustein, MED’87 and Dr. J. Trey, MED’80
Mr. Stanley E., CIT’49, GRS’60 and Dr. Sally Harris Wertheim, FSM,’53, GRS’67, GRS’70
Danielle & Jeffrey Wild
Judy & Steven Willensky
Abraham W. Wolf, Ph.D.
Idelle Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Frank Wuliger, MGT’82
Zeta Beta Tau Nu

Alexander P. Loomis Memorial Endowed Professorship in American Politics

Andrew Family Foundation Endowment Fund
Andrew Family Foundation

Anne Benak Riant Endowment Fund
Priscilla Anne Chandler, FSM’62

Aurel Fowler Ostendorf Scholarship Fund
Aurel F. Ostendorf*, CLC’56

The Eirik Borve Fund for Foreign Language Instruction
Estate of Mr. Eirik Borve

The Bryant Mason Emerging Scholars Endowed Fund
Bryant S. Mason, ADL’70

Dean C.H. Cramer Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Cung Khac Vu, ADL’69

Clarence H. Cramer-Irvine E. Phillips Student Aid Fund
Lance Turkish, M.D., ADL’70, MED’73

Cheryl A. Casper Economics Prize Fund
Cheryl A. Casper, Ph.D., FSM’68, GRS’70, GRS’75

Diane Patterson Memorial Fund
John T. Deadwyler
Dolores E. Patterson

Dr. Carl Ubbelohde Endowment Fund
Robert Bruce Bain, Ph.D., GRS’90
Ms. Bonnie Merrick Baker, MGT’86
Virginia Parker Dawson, Ph.D., GRS’77, GRS’83
Kenneth F. Ledford, Ph.D. and Rev. Susan Holderness

Dr. Hyatt & Clementine F. Reitman Endowment Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Cowan

Elinor Halle-Madeline Baker-Bamberger Endowment Fund
Richard H. Bamberger, LAW’72
Richard H. Bamberger Philanthropic Fund
Rob Bamberger
Roger S. Bamberger, J.D., LAW’72

Edward J. Olszewski Art History Travel Fund
Faye L. D’Amore
Dr. Edward J. Olszewski
Dr. Dena Marie Woodall, GRS’08

The Edward B. and Eileen K. Davis Scholarship Fund for the College of Arts & Sciences
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Davis, CLC’49
E. & E. Davis Foundation

Eric Wang & Deborah Stone Endowed Scholarship Fund
Anonymous (2)

Eric and Jane Baker-Nord Center for Humanities
Stephen R., ADL’63 and Judith A. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Chace Anderson
Patricia M. Ashton, GRS’97
Bonnie Merrick Baker, MGT’86
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Barrie
Drs. Nathan A. and Sosamma Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pearce Keithley
Joseph and Nancy Keithley Foundation
Ursula Korneitchouk
Dr. Edward J. Olszewski
Nancy Reynolds
Barbara S. and Larry J.B. Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Savin
Kim Sherwin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Slavin, GRS’66

Flora Stone Mather Alumnae Association Scholarship Fund
Wasima N. Rida, Ph.D., WRC’78, GRS’80

Gerald W. & Carol A. Barnett Endowment Fund
Gerald W. Barnes, Ph.D., GRS’55, GRS’62

Gilles & Malvina Klopman Endowment Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Mario Dimayuga, GRS’91

The Hildegarde and Elbert Baker Visiting Scholars in the Humanities
Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Nord, GRS’76
Eric and Jane Nord Foundation

Jeanne B. Brown Memorial Scholarship
Cheryl A. Casper, Ph.D., FSM’68, GRS’70, GRS’75

Joan Terr Ronis Music Prize Fund
Drs. Antonette, GRS’90, SAS’90 and Norman Graham, SAS’82, GRS’82

Jonathan Michael Dannefer Fund
Professor Dale Dannefer

Joseph & Violet Magyar Endowed Lecture
Estate of Violet Forgach Magyar, Ph.D., FSM’50, CLC’67, LYS’72, GRS’80

Kay and John Bassett Endowment Fund
John and Kay Bassett

Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust Fund
The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust

Koopman and Eaton Endowment Fund
Dorothy B. Koopman, FSM’72 and Mark Eaton
Maple Tree Fund

Likly-Wittman Scholarship Fund
Estate of Mr. James W. Likly

Long, T. Dixon Writing Resource
Dr. and Mrs. T. Dixon Long
Springcreek Foundation

Mary O’Callaghan Lavelle Endowment Fund
Sara Hill Lavelle

Michael & Barbara Luton Endowed Scholarship
Jonathan D. Allen, CLC’72

Michael & Judith Goldman Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rosenthal, FSM’60, SAS’92

Michael/Joan Bernardino Endowment Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bernardino, ADL’69, FSM’69

Modern Hebrew Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz
MJH Foundation

Modern Languages & Literature Endow Fund
Dr. Tom R., ADL’58, MED’62 and Mrs. Jo Ann Hornstern, GRS’63
Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Nord, GRS’76

Nenitzescu-Avram Endowed Award Fund
Gheorghe D. Mateescu, Ph.D., GRS’71

Nord Family Fund ESP Teaching Fellow
Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Nord, GRS’76
Eric and Jane Nord Foundation

Patricia Cimperman Siraganian
Patricia Cimperman Siraganian, M.D., FSM’68

Patricia M. Gorman, PH.D. Scholarship
Estate of Patricia J. Gorman, Ph.D., CLC’58, GRS’59, GRS’59

Raymond M. & Mary Lou Geltz Reisacher Scholarship Fund
Carl R. Reisacher
Mr. Richard D., WRC’82, SAS’84, GRS’90, SAS’90 and Dr. Sally Reisacher Petro

Reisacher Family Endowment in Religion
Mr. Richard D., WRC’82, SAS’84, GRS’90, SAS’90 and Dr. Sally Reisacher Petro

Reisacher Petro Endowment Fund in Music
Mr. Richard D., WRC’82, SAS’84, GRS’90, SAS’90 and Dr. Sally Reisacher Petro

Richard A. Thompson ADL’65 Memorial Fund
Lee S. Kraft, ADL’68

Richman Fund for Popular Music Studies
James and Elissa Richman, ADL’72
Richman Family Foundation

Robert & Jane Mellors Scholarship
Robert Charles Mellors, Jr., M.D.

Robert W. Brown, Ph.D. Endowed Fund
Robert W. Brown

Roger B. Salomon Dissertation Fellow
Anna M. Cole, Ph.D., GRS’81, GRS’00
Sidonie Smith, GRS’71 and Gregory Grieco

Russell A. Griffin Prize Fund
Richard A. Bloom, M.D., WRC’74, MED’79
Lance Turkish, M.D., ADL’70, MED’73
Schubert Ctr/Child Devel Endowment Fund
Mr. Lawrence P. Greksa

Sterling W. Pope Endowment Fund
Estate of Ann Stamm Merell, CIT’73, GRS’75
Mr. Gregory L. Merrell, CIT’72

Susie Scott Christopher Endowment Fund
Lucy Anne M. Christopher, FSM’67, SAS’75

The Brian G. Keating Endowed Scholarship
Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego
Brian Gregory Keating, Ph.D., CAS’93

The Edwards Scholars Endowment Fund
The Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation

The Gary Lee Stonum Colloquium Fund
Gary Lee Stonum, Ph.D.

The Gradisher Family Endowment Fund

The Koenigsberg Family Scholarship Fund
Lee Koenigsberg, ADL’58

The Manuel Esayian Family Endowed Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Manuel Esayian

The Pamela W. Anderson Endowment Fund
Thomas W. Anderson and Rosalie Tyner Anderson, NUR’63, NUR’79

The Philip & Sylvia Borkat Scholarship
Estate of Mr. Philip Borkat, CIT’34
Estate of Mrs. Sylvia Eisner Borkat, FSM’37, GRS’67

The Philip and Elsa Lichtenberg Endowment Fund
Dr. Phillip, ADL’48, GRS’50, GRS’52 and Elsa Russell Lichtenberg, FSM’50

The Zeppos Family Endowed Scholarship
Mr. Nicholas Zeppos and Mrs. Lydia Howarth

Virginia & Walter Nord Fellowship
Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Nord, GRS’76
Eric and Jane Nord Foundation

William L. Gordon Endowment Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Everett, CIT’62, GRS’68, LYS’65
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Rolfe and Dr. Jane Petschek, GRS’88

Wm. J. & Lois C. Spaeth Memorial Fund
Lance Turkish, M.D., ADL’70, MED’73

Zender Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Karl F. Zender, Ph.D., CIT’59, GRS’62